N.Y.C. assault marked by racial twist

From MailOnline

By Clemence Michallon

A man was scratched across the face and bitten on the left side of his chest as the blazing racist who had subjected him to weeks of abuse 'snapped' and assaulted him, police said.

Sean Abrahams, 44, was attacked on Sunday in Brooklyn, East New York, by a man who previously called him a slave and threatened to 'f**k him up', the New York Daily News reported.

Mohammad Yakub, 22, has been charged with assault and menacing and several counts of harassment.

He thrust himself at Mr. Abrahams and tried to hit him in the head before scratching him across the face and biting his chest, police said.

The attack took place near Yakub's home, on the corner of Doscher Street and Pitkin Avenue.

Yakub was arrested about 30 minutes later. 

Yakub had previously spat at Mr. Abrahams and shouted racist slurs at him according to court documents, threatening to 'f**k him up' and calling him a slave.

On one occasion, Yakub reportedly yelled: 'You’re a slave. You and your people are nothing. That’s the reason you’re being treated the way you are in this country and if you don’t get off my block I’m gonna f**k you up. You n*****s get off my block. You ain’t nothing. I can do anything to you and get away with it.'

Yakub was released on his own recognizance even though the District Attorney's office asked for his bail to be set at $50,000.


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