40 severed heads found at Islamic militia camp in Libya

According to our president, the "armed insurgents" who separated these heads from their bodies can't be Islamic because Islam is not a violent religion. And we don't want to get on our "high horse" about this, because Christians aren't perfect, either -- about 1,000 years ago Christians may have done something bad...

From ansamed.info

Forty severed heads were found in a training camp that the Libyan regular army took back from Islamic militias, Libyan sources and media said Wednesday.

The hospital of Bengazi received "40 human heads with no bodies," said medical sources who did not further speculate on the finding made by Libyan special forces on patrol in the area.

Egyptian agency Mena quoted a Bengazi medical center press office source as saying that the heads were recovered "in a training camp in the area of Bou Atny" taken back from the "Shura", the coalitian of islamist militias active in the second Libyan city.

Although the agency does not specify it, the "training camp" is presumably a different place from the strategic "base" Libyan special forces regained control of according to an Arab newspaper. The Libyan regular army and islamist militias with ties to Isis have been fighting for the control of Bengasi.

Rebel forces lost the port and some of their strongholds and have retreated to a few pockets of resistance, according to information provided by the army.


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