Caliphate develops guillotine for chopping limbs


This had to happen ... the ISIS savages are having trouble killing quickly enough, or possibly with enough drama and theater, so they have created a mini-guillotine to improve the killing.

They will soon resurrect the centuries-old guillotine which was perfected in France during its bloody revolution. Then, as now, the killers could not kill quickly enough as the victims began to overcrowd the prisons. So the guillotine became the center of all social activity, where people who somehow were spared its sharp edge would shout approval as the heads rolled. Often in revolutionary France, those cheering on the killers one day were in line to be killed the next. That's often how it goes when mass killings begin.

Depraved militants fighting for the Islamic State in Iraq have released gruesome new footage showing an accused thief's hand being hacked off by an industrial guillotine.

Captured somewhere along the country's Tigris River, the sickening footage shows a cleric reading out charges against the accused man, before militants carry out the brutal punishment.

Bloodthirsty, jeering crowds are seen gathered in the area before the man - who is understood to be in his 20s or 30s - bows his head in fear as his right hand locked in a blue vice and hacked off with  what appears to be an industrial-sized paper guillotine. 

Although the accused thief's face is not shown in the clip, he is understood to be a local man aged in his late 20s or early 30s.

The gruesome footage begins by announcing that it has been released by Wilāyat Diglah - the Islamic State terror group's branch that operates along the Tigris River. The opening sequence is emblazoned with the chilling black and white logo of ISIS, confirming it is an official release.

The footage then cuts to a shot of a ranting cleric, who wears a traditional Arabic headscarf as he reads out the charges against the condemned man. 

A huge crowd is seen gathered around the militants - fathers and their sons clambering on to nearby ledges desperate to get a closer look at the agony the man is about to experience.

One of the young boys in the crowd, who looks no older than six, is seen wearing a Barcelona football shirt - a chilling glimpse of modern influence in what is otherwise a medieval scene.

As the crowds close in around the cleric, jostling for space so they can see the brutal punishment clearly, the film cuts to a shot of the accused thief having this right hand strapped into a blue vice.

The man buries his face into his left arm in a clear display of emotion and sheer terror at what is about to happen.

With his wrist clamped in place, the militants check the workings of the machine one final time before the blade crashes down and severs his hand from his body.

The detached hand is then seen sitting on the table as the ISIS militants rush to stem the bleeding from the man's arm using tourniquets and bandages. 

As they do so the man's arm twitches in agony.

Video of the incident emerged just weeks after ISIS released gruesome images of alleged thieves having their hands hacked off in front of crowds bloodthirsty onlookers.

Those photographs were taken in ISIS stronghold Mosul and show in gruesome detail how the terrorists pump their victims full of drugs before using a massive meat cleaver to cut off the hands.

Hundreds of people were seen lining the streets of the oil-rich city to get a better view of the barbaric act, which is carried out by several masked militants led by a white-bearded elderly man named Abu Ansar al-Ansari, who appears to be orchestrating proceedings. 


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