Mass. school objects to 'American Pride' dance


Educators -- who are always up for creating problems where none exist -- decided that "American Pride" was an unsuitable theme for a dance that students in Massachusetts wanted to hold. The reason? It excluded other nationalities.

That's about as stupid a reason as we have ever heard. Where else would you have American pride except in America? And what on earth is wrong, or insensitive, about having pride in your country? How can we ask American students to have pride in other countries WHEN THEY'RE AMERICAN??

This is not just political correctness run amok, it is stupidity run amok.

From Fox News

By Todd Starnes

Patriotic teenagers in the birthplace of the American Revolution held their ground and fought back attempts by school administrators to cancel an “American Pride” dance on April 10 and replace it with a more inclusive event.

Students at Lexington High School in Massachusetts said the administration had canceled their plans for a red, white and blue dance because it excluded other nationalities. Instead, the administration suggested a more inclusive “National Pride” dance.

“It was suggested by the advisors that the students come in – maybe (a) National Pride theme so that they could represent their individual nationalities,” Asst. Supt. Carol Pilarski told television station WHDH. “Maybe it should be more inclusive and it should be ‘National Pride.’” 

Word of the administration’s objections to an American-themed dance spread across town like the shot heard round the world.

“(It’s) a lot of hypersensitivity to being politically correct,” one student told the television station.
“People consider America to be a melting pot,” said another student. “So the fact that it was even considered offensive is what people are a little surprised about.”

Principal Laura Lasa told me the April 10th dance had never been canceled. They merely wanted to “dialogue” with students about inclusivity.

“We were in a conversation with the kids about how the theme would be presented so that we could make sure that it was inclusive to all students,” Lasa said. “They took that as being told they could not.”

In other words, the grownups in the room tried to talk the kids out of paying homage to the red, white and blue.

“We want to make sure kids do not feel they can’t go to a dance because of whatever the theme is,” she said.

Over the weekend, Lasa said administrators listened carefully to the feedback they received and on Monday, March 23 they decided to let the kids stick with the “American Pride” theme.

“We’re supporting that student decision,” the principal told me.

Notice how she phrased that – the “student” decision?

“We’re going forward with supporting their theme of American Pride,” she added.

Again, notice the emphasis on “their” theme? It’s not the school’s theme. It’s the students’ theme. Heaven forbid the administrators be caught trying to promote American patriotism.

“We’re being mindful of the fact that we want kids to have pride in America, and also the fact we have students from all over the world that move to Lexington,” she said.

First it was the Red Coats – and now the good people of Lexington have to fight off an invading horde of un-American educators.

Where’s Paul Revere when you need him – riding through the countryside shouting “The liberals are coming. The liberals are coming.”


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