Magic circle wards off 'Islamophobia' in U.S.


Well isn't this special. Considering the source of this bilge, a news outlet from Australia -- a country on the verge of a near total takeover by Islamists -- you would think they would know better than to play ring around the rosie as a means of dealing with anything.

These fruit loops are actually chanting, "Circle for the planet, circle for each soul. For the children of our children, keep the circle whole." What circle are they chanting about anyway?

For the record, all you chanters: Attacks by Islamists are much more prevalent than attacks against Muslims. The Muslims attacked in North Carolina were targeted over a long-simmering parking dispute -- not because they were Muslims. And tossing about the epithet "Islamophobia" is disingenuous. Those who oppose Islamization of our societies have valid reasons for this opposition. It is not racial prejudice but common-sense push-base against violent, aggressive behavior on the part of those who follow Islam.


Rabbis, Monks, Pastors and other leaders of the religious community along with the local residents formed an interfaith ring around a mosque in San Francisco on Friday, in a display of solidarity and support in a time when Islamophobia is growing.

“We’re saying right now we’re standing up against Islamophobia in our community,” Rabbi Daniel Goldblatt, founder of the Interfaith Council of San Ramon Valley told San Francisco Chronicles.


The initiative was a collaborative one between the Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County, the Interfaith Council of San Ramon Valley and Neighbor to Neighbor, with more than 200 people forming the ring around the San Ramon Valley Islamic Center.

“We’re recognizing that there is a full group that lives in worry of violence in opposition to them,” said Rev. Will McGarvey.

Members of the Muslim community exited the mosque following their prayers and were welcomed with chants by the crowd.

“Circle for the planet, circle for each soul. For the children of our children, keep the circle whole” they sang.

The participants stood shoulder to shoulder in an attempt to fight off the growing Islamophobia, which is being propagated by several news networks in the U.S., including Fox News.

Three American Muslims were brutally murdered  in their home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Deah Barakat, 23, Barakat’s wife, Yusor Abu-Salha, 23, and Yusor’s sister, Razan Abu-Salha, 21 were all murdered in a suspected act of Islamophobia.

Rings of peace are being formed around synagogues and mosques across Europe following the attacks in Paris and Copenhagen. Thousands of participants from multiple faiths took part in a peace march in Brussels which included people from the Jewish, Christian and Muslim community. The march called on members from all faiths to practice interfaith unity and promote peace in the community along with the rest of the world.


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