Companies, cities boycott Indiana but continue doing business with gay-hating Islamic countries


There's something about Mike Pence that makes liberals go into full-tilt derangement syndrome. Even though there are 17 other states with a Religious Freedom Amendment, only Gov. Pence's home state of Indiana is being targeted for boycotts. But the hypocrisy is stunning -- because many of the boycotting businesses and cities have strong ties to countries like Saudi Arabia, a gay-hating nation if ever there was one.

Take, for instance, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook. He said his company would "never tolerate discrimination," but he sells his products in literally every Middle Eastern country that stones homosexuals to death.

Furthermore, the Indiana law doesn't target homosexuals. It only provides a defense based on religious grounds if people do not want to provide services or goods that violate their religious beliefs. 

Nobody would dream of forcing an Islamic business to serve homosexuals, offer pork in their restaurants, or cater a gay wedding -- but somehow it seems OK to the boycotters to force Christians to violate their consciences where, say, gay weddings are concerned. This is such a ridiculous exhibition of a double standard that it should be obvious to everyone who's involved in all the shouting ... but, of course, it's not.

The story has become an obscene example of overreach on the part of the media who purposely misrepresent the issue to consumers of news. Even Miley Cyrus, she of the twerk heard round the world, became a story when she called Gov. Pence an a--hole. She's about as blithering as an idiot can be, yet we are taking advice from her?

The bottom line is that private business people have always had the right to discriminate on the basis of their religious beliefs. And, yes, gay marriage would be a violation of that belief. The real tragedy is that we feel we even need a Religious Freedom Amendment to protect this right. We already have one: It's called the First Amendment.


By Ben Shapiro

The tolerant left has now decided that anybody who believes in freedom of religion ought to be boycotted. CEOs and government leaders are threatening to boycott the state of Indiana–and not just governmental entities in Indiana, but private businesses in Indiana that have never discriminated against anyone homosexual, let alone same-sex weddings. But these same CEOs and government leaders will happily do business with some of the worst regimes on earth–regimes that do not merely recognize the right of private businessowners to do business with the clients they choose, but that sponsor the state-sanctioned execution of homosexuals.

On Sunday, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that his company would “never tolerate discrimination.” He then compared Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act to Jim Crow; he equated a law guaranteeing the rights of individuals to take part in only the transactions they want to a law forcing individuals to take part in only those transactions the government deems worthy. But Cook is happy to do business with and in Saudi Arabia, as Erick Erickson points out, as well as Uganda, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. All of those countries are quite unfriendly to homosexuals.

Other companies looking to boycott Indiana include Smallbox, Salesforce, and Angie’s List; particularly, they want to disassociate from businesses headquartered in Indiana. Yet all of these companies work with businesses with outlets in places like Saudi Arabia, where homosexuality is punishable by death.

The cities of Seattle and San Francisco also want to boycott Indiana. Yet in 2007, Edward Burton, president and managing director of the U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council, went to Washington to meet with the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, the Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle, and the Rotary Club of Seattle. The Trade Development Alliance is comprised of “a partnership of the Port of Seattle, Port of Tacoma, Port of Everett, Metropolitan King County Government, Snohomish County Government, Pierce County Government, City of Seattle, City of Everett, Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce and union leadership.” The Trade Development Alliance is slated to hold an event on April 22 touting doing business in Iran, where gays are hung from cranes. San Francisco, meanwhile, is a location for significant Saudi holdings, including the historic Fairmont San Francisco Hotel. While San Francisco once considered pulling investments in Russian companies, it declined to do so. Currently, the San Francisco Global Trade Council includes Dmitry Beskurnikov of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the USA; the Council says it routinely performs “missions to Cuba, Russia, and China” and partners with the “Mayor’s Office of International Trade and Commerce.”

The state of Connecticut, under Governor Dannel Malloy, wants to boycott Indiana, too. Connecticut already has a Religious Freedom Restoration Act. So do 17 other states around the country, none of which have been targeted for boycott.


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