373 UK girls sexually abused by Muslim pedophiles

Police are considering these assaults "hate crimes" because the savages who kidnapped, gang raped, pimped out and abused these girls in many other ways are from foreign countries. But what about the religious motivation? They were Islamists, and they believe it is OK to rape and abuse "white" girls because they are infidel unbelievers. But still, the immigration doors are wide open in the UK and the savages are flowing in.

From the Daily Mail

A total of 373 girls suffered sexual abuse in Oxfordshire, a report into 'indescribably awful' child sexual exploitation has found - and now fears have been raised that the abuse may have been racially motivated.

Over 15 years hundreds of victims as young as 11 were groomed, raped and forced into prostitution by gangs of men 'predominantly of Pakistani heritage', a serious case review has found. 

The damning 114-page report said victims were in a 'living hell from which they couldn't extricate themselves' after 'hostile' officials wrote some off as 'difficult girls making bad choices' when they begged for help.

The vulnerable girls were initially showered with gifts before being plied with alcohol and drugs including crack cocaine and heroin, making them dependent on the men who sexually abused them.

Today Thames Valley's Police and Crime Commissioner, Anthony Stansfeld, said the abuse may have been a 'hate crime'.

Mr Stansfeld said that 'from the outside looking in' it appeared the abuse was in some way racially motivated.

He said: 'It needs looking at whether this was hate crime. I think it most certainly could have been and it needs looking at.'

Prime Minister David Cameron said this afternoon that the children in Oxford were abused on an 'industrial scale' and vowed laws would be changed in the light of revelations and similar scandals in Rotherham and Rochdale.  

Today police and council bosses said they were 'horrified' and 'ashamed' by what happened between 1999 and 2014 but nobody has yet been disciplined over what happened.

One gang of Asian men was responsible for abusing and enslaving 50 girls, mainly from Oxford, but the men were also able to sexually torture girls for eight years after a series of missed opportunities to stop them. 


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