Saudi suitor beaten for asking to see girl's face

A stark reminder of just how impossible it is to live among radical Islamists who impose so many rules and restrictions on freedoms that literally any action at all can be considered an insult. And in radical Islam, an insult can often mean a severe beating or even death.


A Saudi man who was to get engaged to a local girl was assaulted and beaten by her family after he demanded to see her face, a newspaper reported on Monday.

The would-be fiancée agreed to all the girl’s terms but asked to see her face without the veil before going ahead with the engagement, a demand rejected by her family.

“He then insisted on seeing her face.

“The parents were mad and screamed at him while her brother threw an ashtray at the man before assaulting him. The engagement was cancelled,” ‘Sada’ daily said in a report from the capital Riyadh.

Many Saudi families still do not allow their daughters to be seen by the suitor before marriage despite a fatwa (religious edict) by some local scholars permitting the girl to take her face veil off to be seen by the suitor before marriage.


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