ISIS hangs dead bodies at entrance to city

Another day, another batch of dead bodies. This type of savagery is par for the course for ISIS. These butchers clearly take delight in displaying the depths of their depravity and disregard for human life. And our White House continues to remain silent on this threat.


By Rebecca Perring

The horrifying images have emerged on social media, which show the men's dead bodies strung up by their feet and attached to a metal frame in the Iraq's Kirkuk province. 

The black flag used by the terror group is clearly displayed above the men as onlookers gather in horror. 

The horrifying images have emerged online.

The horrifying images have emerged online.

Despite some of the men wearing military fatigues, it is not yet known whether they were Iraqi soldiers. 

The jihadists are believed to be relocating its Iraqi headquarters some 150km to the south in the Sunni-dominated town of Hawija, as it emerged the United States plan to coordinate a retake of Mosul involving some 25,000 Iraqi forces and Kurdish fighters. 

Isis has been running its operations in Iraq from Mosul - the country's second largest city, since taking it over last year. 

Since invading the city, which lies some 35 miles east of the oil rick Kirkuk, in June 2014 the Islamist group has won the support of local residents and has recently started to increase its military presence in order to create a new Iraqi command. 

Earlier this month, the terror group released a sick video showing 21 orange-clad hostage Kurdish Peshmerga fighters being parade through the streets in cages. 


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