Arkansas passes Religious Liberty Bill while media, leftists still in a lather over Indiana


The bullies in the media and on the Left need to open their eyes. While they were foaming at the mouth over Gov. Pence and Indiana's Religious Freedom Law, Arkansas just passed the same bill ... but they didn't even notice.

All this genuflecting over the Indiana law is starting to look just plain silly. Let's pose the question that everyone has on their minds: What is wrong with discriminating against gays if you are a Christian, Jew or Muslim who believes gay marriage and gay sex is a sin? Why can't people of faith discriminate against gays when it comes to their business dealings and providing services?

The answer is: Nothing! There is nothing wrong with this, and if you are in a state that does not name homosexuals as a protected class, this type of discrimination is perfectly legal. Gays can discriminate against Christians (and they do!) if they don't want to do business with us. Leftists don't have to provide services to conservatives if they don't want to (actually, we don't want any of your services, thank you.).

The problem we all seem to be having is the use of the word "discrimination." If we substitute it with another word, say "boycott" -- would that make it more palatable to the Left? After all, they are calling for boycotts of Indiana because Indiana passed the Religious Freedom Law.

It's as if everyone from the center of the spectrum all the way to the farthest left took crazy pills and they simply can't control the nonsense coming out of their mouths.

Attention all you other states that want to pass a Religious Freedom Law: Nobody is looking! Quick, write it, vote on it, and sign it into law while the crazies are looking the other way.


By John Nolte

A religious liberty bill similar to the one causing a phony uproar in Indiana this week was just passed by Arkansas lawmakers Tuesday and serves as yet another sign of the left-wing mainstream media’s waning power to intimidate and bully. Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson said he is going to sign the bill, which will then offer the Faithful the same legal civil rights protections offered in 20 other states.

One of the primary reasons the media joined the political left in a coordinated and massive bullying misinformation campaign against Indiana was in an obvious attempt to intimidate other states from passing similar laws that give a legal standing to people of all faiths.

The fact that Arkansas moved forward unafraid shows that the heyday of the mainstream media is coming to an end.

Because the Left and mainstream media caught everyone off guard with their shock and awe campaign against Indiana, they had a couple days to spread their lies about the law being a license to discriminate. Thanks to New Media, though, those outrageous lies were quickly debunked. By Monday even left-wing media outlets like CNN were forced to admit that wasn’t true. The media is still attempting to demagogue the law, but their line of argument is increasingly tortured as the facts come out.

Meanwhile, while everyone was focused on Indiana, Arkansas honored both the founding of our country and the First Amendment by giving legal standing to the conscience of the Religious. In the coming years, as the Left and media ramp up their attacks on Christians, it is going to be important for us to have a place to go if necessary.

The government forcing the Faithful into participating in the sacramentalization of sin (like a same sex marriage) is intolerable to people of many faiths. Now faithful Muslims, Jews, Christians and others have 21 states where they can escape persecution from those trying to tell us that the government forcing you to violate your religious conscience is equality and freedom.

Thank God the individual states have rights, and that lying, anti-Christian leftists like CNN’s Chris Cuomo no longer have a monopoly on the dissemination of information. Politicians now know The People can get the truth out around a lying media. That makes all the difference in the world.


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