'Cubs of the Caliphate' child jihadists participate in mass ISIS execution


This is reminiscent of the Hitler Youth who were indoctrinated from a young age into the Nazi mentality, and trained to fight as soldiers for the motherland. In fact, just like the ISIS savages, Hitler had boasted of turning the youth of Nazi Germany into "magnificent beasts of prey."

One Nazi who was well indoctrinated later testified: "I used to shoot at everything. Certainly not just military targets. We liked to go for women pushing prams, often with children at their sides.  It was a kind of sport really."

Also creepily similar to ISIS were the rapes committed by Nazis. One junior officer boasted of what he and his men did to a woman they thought was a Russian spy: "We beat her on the t--- with a stick, clobbered her on the arse with a pistol, then all eight of us had her, then we threw her out and as she lay there, we threw grenades at her. "

Just when we thought we'd heard it all, we are reminded that the banishment of morality, decency and all ethical behavior is a common theme in dictatorial regimes throughout history. And this, more than any other reason, is why only America, with its history of adherence to Judeo-Christian values, can destroy ISIS.

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By Levi Winchester

The video is said to show young recruits under the age of 18 carrying rifles as they walk ahead of nine men wearing orange clothes - presumably the same-style jumpsuits as seen in previous clips released by the terror group.

The young recruits could then reportedly be seen ordering the men onto the ground before distributing knives to other IS militants, who then beheaded the group in the charge of belonging to "al-Rawafed".

According to the Syrian Observatory For Human Rights (SOHR), who reported the description of the video, an IS jihadist said: "We will not forget what the regime did in the 80s in Hama and we won’t forget any blood drop on that blessed land and as the Khalifa said: 'We will revenge'."

Hama, in western Syria, was the scene of a bloody massacre in 1982 conducted by the country's military, which marked the end of an Islamist uprising.

The shocking account comes just days after the SOHR reported that IS are continuing to recruit children under a so-called Ashbal al-Khilafah - or "Cubs of the Caliphate" regime.

Children in Islamic State's 'Cubs of the Caliphate' have participated in a mass execution.

Children in Islamic State's 'Cubs of the Caliphate' have participated in a mass execution.

Some 400 children are believed to have joined IS in Syria since the beginning of this year, the SOHR said.

At least two Syrian cities - al-Mayadin and al-Bokamal - are said to have witnessed "offices" aimed at recruiting the children.

They are said to focus on convincing youngsters who live near IS posts, as well as children who want to join the terror group without the approval of their parents.

The "offices" are also said to turn their attention to the children who come to the public gatherings in the squares - where people are executed, crucified and stoned.

Just some of the ways in which they lure them to IS camps include using money, weapons and even cars.

As well as enticing the young, IS is thought to persuade parents and guardians to send their sons to Sharia and military courses.

The Sharia course is used to embed IS ideology while the military aspect is said to teach them how to use weapons during clashes with enemies.

In stark contrast, the SOHR also suggested that the last three months have seen IS struggling to attract new recruits to their death cult.

It reported that at least 120 new jihadists have been recruited since the start of this year - making the last three months the "least in terms of proportion of joining to IS by fighters from all nationalities" since June 2014.


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