ISIS jihadist arrested for plotting attack in U.S.


ISIS has a training camp on the Texas border, and now an ISIS fighter has been arrested for plotting a terrorist attack. Yet President Barack insists that they are not Islamic. How ironic, since the jihadist in question, Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud, has consorted with the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization that Obama knows is Islamic, and which has been invited to the White House a number of times. If it looks like an Islamic jihadist, quacks "Allahu Akbar" like an Islamic jihadist, then it's an Islamic jihadist.


By Daniel Greenfield

Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud was busted for joining ISIS and then getting trained for breaking and entering, before being dispatched back to the US to carry out a terrorist attack.

This may be the first ‘official’ ISIS attack on the US.

Mohamud, who appeared to be part of a Muslim enclave in Columbus, Ohio, wanted to target an army base or police station. He dreamed of shooting American soldiers “execution style”.

Mohamud’s Facebook page reveals how entangled he was with so-called moderate groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey’s AKP. His profile picture features Turkey’s Jihadist leader Erdogan.

Another photo he posted features the four-fingered ‘Nazi salute’ of the Muslim Brotherhood displayed here. No mention of Columbus, Ohio, but Mohamud was certainly there. The facebook page of Mohamud’s wife features at least one video by Khalid Yassin.

Both Mohamud and his wife were big fans of Erdogan, who has been accused of being a state sponsor of ISIS.


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