ISIS beheads Syrians in front of children


The horrific bloodlust of these savages is truly frightful. They even brag that their "reward is slaughter" -- saying, in effect, they are so exhilarated by the carnage that it is its own reward. That makes these savages an especially dangerous foe, because it almost doesn't matter what the outcome is, as long as they can continue to kill. Savage, indeed, and nearly entirely without humanity.

From the Daily Mail

By Jay Akbar

ISIS has publicly beheaded six men accused of exploding a car bomb 'which killed innocent people' in the Syrian city of al-Mayadin.

The terrorist group's latest barbaric video shows a large crowd gathering to watch the bloody execution of the men it claims are soldiers fighting for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

They are all marched to a small wooden stump and instructed to kneel, before an Islamic State militant carries out brutal retaliation by taking their heads off with a sharpened blade.

One by one, the alleged fighters are paraded in front of men and very young boys and their are heads carefully placed on a wooden platform, before they are taken clean off.

Gruesome: One by one, the alleged soldiers of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad's regime are marched to a wooden stump and killed in front of a large crowd of men and young boys (pictured).

Gruesome: One by one, the alleged soldiers of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad's regime are marched to a wooden stump and killed in front of a large crowd of men and young boys (pictured).

The shocking video surfaced on ISIS' vast social media channels. 

The footage cuts from the merciless killings to shots of injured children and adults - allegedly from the car bomb the doomed men exploded in the city. 

The beginning of the six-minute long propaganda video - posted online on April 5 - depicts a seemingly normal day in the ISIS-held territory in eastern Syria.

Men gather to pray at a local mosque, shackled captives are herded into the backs of trucks and men are flogged in public for unknown crimes.

The footage sharply cuts to the complete destruction of an al-Mayadin neighbourhood where locals frantically retrieve body parts from the rubble, extinguish fires and carry the wounded to shelter.

An announcer then tells a furious horde the men are Alawites, a derogatory term used by Islamist fundamentalists to describe President Assad's soldiers. 

He says the execution is 'qisas' - or retaliation - for their alleged attack and imposed by the Islamic court for 'waging war on God and his messenger'.

Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi - a Research Fellow at the Middle East Forum at Kings College London - translated the militant's speech for MailOnline.

In front of the amassing crowd he says: 'Whoever kills the Muslims and spills their blood, their reward is slaughter.'

'Just as God Almighty said: "Strike them upon their necks and strike from them every fingertip" for this evil element that blew up its car there and terrorised the Muslims.'  

Al-Mayadin is one of two locations where ISIS has opened 'recruitment offices' to induct children into their ranks, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). 

It reported that as of March 23 at least 400 young children from the city and nearby al-Bokamal had joined the terrorist group's Ashbal al-Khilafah, 'the cubs of the caliphate'.

These offices convince and attract children who live in ISIS-controlled territory and who go to its closely monitored and propaganda-fueled schools and mosques.

They are encouraged to come to the squares where brutal executions, whippings, crucifixions and beheadings are routinely carried out.

But the number of foreign fighters joining Islamic State in the first three months of 2015 is believed to be the least since it self-declared a global 'caliphate' in 2014, SOHR claims.


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