ISIS imposes dress code for women in Iraq

I'm especially comforted by the translation on one of the billboards: "The Muslim woman is queen in her house." We doubt that's true, as long as the man is king and has the right to beat the tar out of her at will, and divorce her on a whim. But putting that aside, the costume that ISIS is pushing for women in the Islamic State looks just like a small, slim tent that you can buy in any Army/Navy store in America.


ISIS has launched a dress-code campaign in the Iraqi city of Mosul, with billboards displaying guidelines for being a “good Muslim woman”. Vocativ discovered images posted by the Islamic State supporters showing ISIS members hanging the billboards in the Iraqi city that has been under the control of the militant group for almost one year.

Translation: “The Muslim woman is queen in her house.”

Translation: “The Muslim woman is queen in her house.”

The campaign focuses on a style of burqa—also mandated by the Taliban—which covers the entire body and face with a mesh screen over the eyes. It also suggests that women who do not follow the guidelines may be subject to corporal punishment, though it is not specific about penalties.

Attempting to give the rules a positive spin, some of the billboards combine dress-code regulations with empowerment slogans such as, “the Muslim woman is queen in her house.”

“The Rules of the (lawful) Hijab

  1. It should be thick and not transparent.
  2. It should be baggy and wide.
  3. It should cover all over the body.
  4. It should not attract attention.
  5. It should not look like the clothing worn by infidels or men.
  6. It should not be decorated to look attractive.
  7. It should not be perfumed.”


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