Muslim protesters force removal of church cross


Malaysian Muslims seem to be employing the same tactics that American Muslims use: Demonize the other size and force concessions from them. Would Christians ever demand that a Muslim mosque remove its religious symbols because Christians are offended, and fear they might inadvertently be converted by gazing on a minaret? It's utterly ridiculous, but completely effective for Muslims.


KUALA LUMPUR, April 20 — Demanding the removal of the cross outside a church in Taman Medan over fears Muslim youths may lose their faith was nonsensical, as the Christian symbol has no powers to convert onlookers, Muslim group Sisters In Islam (SIS) said.

The group said Muslims should already believe that Allah was the Almighty and need not be afraid of the religious symbols of other faiths.

“The cross is the physical identifier of churches in Malaysia and the world over, and is not something with magical powers that can threaten the faith of Muslims.

“There has never been a single reported case in Malaysia where Muslim youths converted after looking at a cross displayed at a church,” the SIS said.

Instead, SIS added that the excuse given by the protesters smacked of dangerous extremism that must be eliminated and rejected by Malaysians.

Yesterday, it was reported that around 50 residents of Taman Medan staged a protest against a new church in the area for putting up a cross, a religious symbol for the Christians, on its facade.

The group claimed that putting up a cross in a Malay-majority area is a challenge to Islam and could influence young Muslims.

Police arrived about 30 minutes after the protest began to act as intermediaries between the protesters and church leaders.

It is understood that the church took down the cross several hours later.


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