UK boy beaten for reciting Quran incorrectly


Sharia law in Great Britain -- yes, that Great Britain, the home of Shakespeare, Winston Churchill and the Beatles. This once great nation has slid so far into the cesspool of Islamism that it is truly staggering. But, to quote President Obama, "lest we get on our high horse," radical and violent Sharia law is being followed right here in the United States, inside American mosques and American neighborhoods dominated by Muslims. It is a cancer that will infect our entire nation, like it has in the UK, if we do not root it out.


By Jeanette Oldham

Two teachers are to stand trial accused of beating a ten-year-old boy – for wrongly reciting the Koran.

Mohammed Waqar, 23, and Mohammed Siddique, 60, are accused of assaulting the youngster at the Jamia Mosque in Anderton Road, Sparkbrook.

The mosque is attached to the Sparkbrook Islamic Center, based at the same site.

Mr Waqar, of Olton Boulevard West, Tyseley, and Mr Siddique, also of Olton Boulevard West, were arrested by officers from West Midlands Police last June.

Jamia Mosque

Jamia Mosque

It is understood the case centers around allegations that a ten-year-old boy had been repeatedly slapped during religious lessons at the Anderton Road site between May 1 and June 13 last year.

It is claimed the alleged victim was attacked when he made mistakes with his studies, including failing to read the Koran properly. The boy is alleged to have suffered a black eye on one occasion.

The Islamic teachers are due to stand trial at Birmingham Crown Court on August 10, charged with cruelty to a person under 16, contrary to section 1(1) of the Children and Young Persons Act 1933. Both Mr Waqar and Mr Siddique had pleaded not guilty to the charge at the same court on April 1.

The maximum sentence for the offence of cruelty to a person under 16 is ten years prison.

West Midlands Police said in a statement two men had been arrested at Stechford Police Station on June 14. They were charged on November 13 and had been bailed to appear before Birmingham Magistrates Court on November 27.

No one from the Jamia Mosque was available for comment.


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