Obama's other grandmother goes on Islamic pilgramage


If you want to know what shapes Obama's thinking, here is one example: Grandma Omar making a Muslim pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. Why is this significant? Because those who demand that Obama call Islamic terrorism Islamic terrorism, are refusing to accept that Obama has deep-seated sympathies for Islam -- even when those Muslims are calling for his head, and, yes, even when he is droning to death Muslims around the world.

Obama was born and raised as a Muslim, studied the Quran in Indonesia, attended the local mosque and was immersed in the Muslim culture. But one cannot ignore his Communist upbringing, as well. His mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, identified herself as a "fellow traveler," code speak among leftists that means "Communist" -- but probably without the card to prove it.

Dunham's husband, Barack Sr., abandoned the illegitimate child and mother and went back to Kenya. Dunham then took up with a Socialist in Indonesia, and that's where the future president was schooled in both Islam and intermittently Catholicism. He learned Marxism on his mother's knee.

The new family moved to Hawaii, and eventually the new stepdad abandoned the family, as well. Obama lived with his white grandparents, the Dunhams, firm leftists themselves, and was further schooled in Marxism. It was there that he met Communist Frank Marshall Davis, a black poet and Community party activist who would become his mentor.

Is it any wonder that Obama behaves like a socialist/Communist with a strong fondness for Islam? How could he be anything other than who he is? The tragedy is that we knew this about him and a gullible electorate still put a man of this ilk in office ... twice.

President Barack Obama's paternal grandmother Sara Omar went to Makkah to perform the Muslim pilgrimage of Umrah, according to a report by ArabianBusiness.com.

Umrah involves visiting Makkah, which is considered to be the holiest city in Islam , and can be undertaken at any time of the year, unlike the Hajj.

Omar, who is in her 90s, arrived in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, with her son Saeed  Obama, uncle to the president, and grandson Mousa. After finishing Umrah, she visited an exhibition about the life of the Prophet Muhammad, mentioned another report by Al Arabiya News.

Obama's grandmother arriving in Saudi Arabia for "Umrah."

Obama's grandmother arriving in Saudi Arabia for "Umrah."

“I am very happy to visit this exhibition, which is a good example for the propagation of Islam in a modern way, supported by scientific and authentic documents,” Omar was quoted as saying in the Al Arabiya News report.

She also expressed hope that the exhibition would visit other countries in order to remove the misunderstandings about the divine religion, according Arab News.

Barack Obama claims to be a Christian, whose religious views developed in his adult life. However his father is of Muslim heritage from Kenya. Obama has previously said that both his American mother and Kenyan father were not devout.


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