CAN President concludes NYC media tour with Breitbart, Hannity interviews


It was a meeting several years ago with some former FBI agents that caught the attention of CAN President and Founder Martin Mawyer.

“I got caught up listening to their conversation as they spoke about the mass flow of immigrant Muslims into Europe, the presence of Islamic ‘no-go zones,’ weak political leaders and the silencing of Islamic critics,” Mawyer explained in a recent interview with -- one of the largest conservative web networks in the world.

It was their discussion of Europe that led Mawyer to research, film and just recently release his groundbreaking new film, "Europe's Last Stand: America's Final Warning." The film documents Islamists’ plans for domination over first Western Europe, and then America.

Mayer spoke with the staff recently during a whirlwind media tour in Manhattan, when he also taped a segment for the Hannity show on Fox News, and spoke with the Newsmax staff about his new film, among other media outlets.

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Published on by Marty M.