ISIS flag pops up during Baltimore riots

We found this picture of savage looting and violence online in Baltimore, and saw that the ISIS flag was flying during the riots. What goes better with a riot than the flag that represents the ultimate in violence?

Don't forget that the same flag was flying in Ferguson during those riots and looting. It's not a coincidence, because the same mentality that governs ISIS -- the mentality that says "we want what we want NOW and we're going to take it by force," is also in play in Baltimore, and it was in play in Ferguson. This is the same mentality that was also in play years ago during the L.A. riots, that disenfranchised minorities somehow have the right to take other people's stuff because they're angry.

Meanwhile, President Obama spoke today and appeared to blame the police for the riots. The police in Baltimore are under investigation for the death of a young black man, Freddie Gray, while in police custody. 

But the myth that installing black leaders and police officers to govern predominantly black areas has been exploded by the riots in Baltimore. The mayor is black (yes, that mayor, the one who said she was giving the rioters space to "destroy" property). The police chief and city council president are also black. Meanwhile, cameras caught a surreal scene as police, who were ordered to back off, stood in riot gear and watched as thugs looted a CVS pharmacy and hurled chunks of cement at them. 

Published on by Marty M.