Another one bites the dust: Islam infiltrates New Jersey school


Here is another example of Islam's stealthy infiltration of our schools. How are our little children supposed to know that this is a total fabrication? That Allah is not the god worshipped by Christians and Jews? And why are our public schools teaching this pap? When students even attempt to open a Bible in the public schools, we immediately hear shrieks of "separation of church and state." But if the same student opened a Quran, it seems it would be time for a lesson in how peaceful, loving and inclusive Islam is. Give us a break!

From Creeping Sharia

Tip sent in by a reader, we believe this is out of New Jersey.

To whom it may concern. I am contacting you in reference to a homework assignment my son had on March the 25 , This assignment is nothing but an attempt to force Islam on my son and the students in his class. In this assignment are quotes on Islam like the following.

(1) Allah is not the God of Muslims only. He is the God of all people and all creation.

(2) ”Muslims” means” anyone or anything that surrenders itself to the true will of God”. It states by this definition , that everything in nature (trees, animals, plants, etc.) are ”muslims”.

If anyone has had similar experiences or if the sender wants to provide more details on the school district or book/publisher, please let us know.

 Update: Another reader writes:

Middletown, NJ schools pushing the same garbage.

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