Finally! Muslims in Turkey get permission to wipe their bottoms


My favorite rule for cleaning oneself after using the bathroom is the one allowing the use of three stones to wipe oneself. One has to ask: What if the wrong kind of stones are around? The kind with lots of rough edges ... ouch! And what if there are no stones around? This must obviously lead to another rule, allowing the use of the left hand only and water to wipe oneself.

From the Daily Mail

By Hannah Parry

A new Islamic fatwa in Turkey has decreed that Muslims are allowed to use toilet paper.

The Directorate of Religious Affairs for Turkey stated that the use of the material for hygiene is acceptable but water was preferable.

Islamic teachings traditionally state that followers should use water to clean themselves after going to the toilet.

The set of rules for how Muslims should relieve themselves, called the Qadaa al-Haajah, was established in the times before toilet paper or toilet seats were invented.

Go for it!! A new Islamic fatwa in Turkey has decreed that Muslims are allowed to use toilet paper.

Go for it!! A new Islamic fatwa in Turkey has decreed that Muslims are allowed to use toilet paper.

Use of the left hand or three stones was also permissible.

The code also states that followers should not speak or read while on the toilet and should enter with their left foot and leave with their right, speaking a prayer.

Men and women are also told not to stand while relieving themselves but to squat or sit. 

The new announcement, reported by Hurriyet Daily News, stated: 'If water cannot be found for cleansing, other cleaning materials can be used.'

'Even though some sources deem paper to be unsuitable as a cleaning material, as it is an apparatus for writing, there is no problem in using toilet paper.

Last month the Directorate of Religious Affairs had also relaxed rules on around the use of products containing alcohol - as long as they were not consumed.

Hand sanitizers and other similar products used for hygiene products are now halal.

'While it is forbidden to drink substances containing alcohol that were produced for cleaning purposes, it is acceptable to use them for cleaning,' Hurriyet Daily News reported. 

The fatwa stated that places that had been cleaned with the products would not need to be washed again with water prior to performing prayer.

A new ruling on begging, stating that anyone who begs and earns money beyond their immediate needs is 'demanding the fire of hell.'


The code is part of a set of guideline based on the teachings of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Although they are not compulsory, many devout Muslims follow the Sunnah teachings. 

-The rules state Muslims must say before entering the toilet 'In the name of Allah, O Allah! I seek refuge with You from all offensive and wicked things'

-They must enter with their left foot and leave with their right saying a second prayer 'Praise be to Allah who relieved me of the filth and gave me relief.'

-People should not speak, greet anyone else or read while they are relieving themselves. 

-Muslims should not go to the toilet standing up but should squat or, if necessary, sit.

-Followers must not face the direction of Mecca while they go to the toilet or have anything bearing the name of Allah or the Quran on them.

-People should relieve themselves out of sight of people and should not look at their own genitals or anyone else's. 

-After going to the toilet, Muslims should clean themselves with the left hand and water.

-Stones are also permissible, and three stones should be used to wipe themselves.

-The hands should then be washed.


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