Philly ISIS wannabe praises beheadings


The City of Brotherly Love has produced a fine specimen this time: A jihad-loving woman from Philadelphia has been caught communicating with ISIS. Here's a woman living in taxpayer-subsidized housing chitchatting with killers who want to slaughter the very taxpayers who allowed her to have a comfortable spot for her computer connection to ISIS.

Thankfully, she was caught -- but how many other would-be jihadists are sitting in their comfortable taxpayer-subsidized homes using our money to communicate with killers? 


By Daniel Greenfield

Keonna Thomas will be going from one taxpayer subsidized form of housing to another. She never did get to join up with ISIS; instead she’ll continue her welfare Jihad against Philly taxpayers.

The feds yesterday announced that Keonna Thomas – who lived in the Richard Allen Homes public-housing project – planned to travel to Syria to join, fight with and martyr herself for ISIS, known for its videotaped beheadings of American and British aid workers and other hostages.

In December 2013, she “sent an electronic communication to a known Somalia-based violent jihadi fighter originally from Minnesota,” telling him she should be “able to travel” because she “should be getting some money soon.”

Have to wonder where that money was coming from.

In January 2014, Thomas posted on Twitter: “Only thing I’m jealous of is when I see the smiles of shuhadaa,” or martyrs.

On Jan. 30, of this year, Thomas “sent an electronic communication to a radical Islamic cleric” in Jamaica saying she will be leaving the U.S. soon.

On Feb. 17, the ISIS fighter in Raqqa sent Thomas an electronic communication saying that if he ever found out his wife were a spy, “I will personally behead her.” In response, Thomas wrote “cutting head is more personal.”

* Also on that day, the ISIS fighter wrote to Thomas that she probably wants to do martyrdom operations with him. Thomas replied: “that would be amazing . . . a girl can only wish.” To that, the ISIS fighter wrote: “I can make that wish come true.”

If convicted, Thomas faces a maximum sentence of 15 years behind bars.

It seems more like we’re the ones with the sentence, either way this works out.

Thomas posted on Twitter the following statement: “If we truly knew the realities . . . we all would be rushing to join our brothers in the front lines pray ALLAH accept us as shuhada [martyrs].”

And if not there’s always Richard Allen Homes.


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