Muslim parents in Arizona helped Muslim man rape their daughter


If people think radical Sharia law can't come to the United States, think again. Here is an example of "honor violence." A teenage girl was dragged to a Muslim man's apartment and thrown in so he could have sex with her. The reason for this atrocity was that the parents had married the girl to the man, but the girl fled in order to resist the "marriage." 

This was not a legal marriage, of course, but an Islamic marriage -- which was apparently good enough for the parents to force their daughter into a violent situation. Authorities routinely ignore this type of violence, but it should be prosecuted, even though the teen says she does not want to press charges. She knows what the consequences might be for her if she opens her mouth.


By Daniel Akbari

A teenager’s mom and dad dragged her, screaming and crying, to a man’s apartment and threw her in to have sex, according to a report last week by FOX 10 News in Arizona. Police say the man, Muhammad Abdullahi, age 30, punched the teenager in the eye, started to strangle her, tore off her clothes, slapped her and bit her, sexually assaulted her and finally barred the door of his apartment to stop her from leaving when he went to sleep. Once again, Phoenix has been rocked by shocking Islamic ghayra violence.

You probably know ghayra violence by the name “honor killing,” what the West mistakenly calls the most extreme form of ghayra violence. But ghayra is the correct word under Islamic law. Ghayra means the Muslim male’s control over his female family members to enforce Islamic rules for women’s dress and conduct. Islam gives the man a right to use force when a woman breaks the rules. Thousands of women are murdered by ghayra killing every year, but millions – like this teenager in Phoenix – aren’t killed, but are beaten, imprisoned, or worse.

The last case that made the headlines in Phoenix was the ghayra killing of Noor Al-Maleki. Her father ran her over in 2009, along with the mother of Noor’s boyfriend. What Noor and the latest teenage victim have in common is they were both married without their consent in an Islamic “nikah” marriage.

In Islam, the father is the “wali” – the owner of the blood – of his children. He can marry off a daughter without her consent or even her knowledge. In nikah marriage, it is the father who gives consent for the girl; she does not even need to be present. From the moment the marriage is contracted, the girl and the man become husband and wife, and she has a duty to satisfy her husband’s demands for sex any time, anywhere. Nikah literally means sexual intercourse.

In Shariah law, the woman’s duty to satisfy her husband’s sexual demands is called “tamkeen.” An authentic hadith from Ibn Majah (Vol.3, Bk.9, No.1853) reports Muhammad said, “No woman can fulfill her duty towards Allah until she fulfills her duty towards her husband. If he asks her for sexual intercourse, even if she is on the back of a camel, she should not refuse.” Illness or menstruation can provide a temporary reprieve, but the duty is absolute.

The Quran gives the husband the right to force the woman to meet his sexual desires. Surah 4:34 tells husbands: “And for those women from whom you fear disobedience [to their duty to provide sexual relations], admonish them, keep away from their beds, and beat them. …”

Reports say the Phoenix parents conducted the nikah marriage in November. The girl found out about it in December and fled the state for 15 days but returned in order to finish high school. The obvious question is: Who performed the nikah marriage without the girl’s knowledge? Clearly, the marriage was not performed under state law because there would have been a marriage certificate the girl would have known about. Nikah marriages are performed by Islamic clerics. This case is a textbook example of the type of “family law” that is being practiced by Islamic organizations and enforced by the Islamic community.

Police say the teenage victim in this case is not cooperating and does not want to press charges. Who can blame her? She has seen the Islamic community has its own law, separate from the U.S. legal system, and its own means of enforcement, including her parents. Pressing charges might cost her life.


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