Lying Gaza blogger uses disabled child's picture to smear Israel


The Palestinians have been using children for propaganda for decades. One of the most outrageous and well-known incidents occurred in 2000 with the alleged death of Mohammed al-Durah, a 12-year-old Palestinian boy who was supposed to have been killed by Israeli fire. Heart-wrenching documentary footage with the boy and his father, showing them endangered by Israeli fire, was even narrated by a French reporter, Charles Enderlin, who had not even been there but accepted the Palestinian version of events hook, line and sinker. Then the international media picked up the story and ran with it, provoking anti-Israeli riots. 

But it was later proved that the story was yet another hoax with fake photos devised by a Palestinian propagandist. The dead child -- who may not have even been dead -- would have been killed by Palestinian bombs. Yet the world remembers the lie instead of the truth, as is so often the case with propaganda.


By Ari Soffer

A Palestinian Arab blogger and "award-winning journalist" has been caught cynically using a picture of a severely disabled Palestinian child for propaganda purposes, falsely claiming his limbs were blown off by the Israeli military during last summer's conflict with Gaza.

Mohammed Omer - who started the Rafah Today blog and has written for numerous major news outlets including Al Jazeera, the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, the New StatesmanAftonbladet and others - received the Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism in 2008. 

The Prize is granted to journalists who "tell an unpalatable truth, validated by powerful facts." 

But ironically, Omer's reporting skills have been exposed as anything but truthful after a tweet he posted Sunday, featuring a Palestinian toddler from Gaza he claims is "one of the last Gaza war victims," referring to last summer's Operation Protective Edge.


But the picture in question is of Mohammed al-Farra, a toddler from Gaza with a rare genetic disease who has been living at Israel's Tel Hashomer hospital with his grandfather after being abandoned by his parents.

Soon after being exposed, Omer removed the tweet - which had been retweeted dozens of times by then. A screenshot can be seen below.

Al-Farra's case was reported widely in 2013, after becoming the subject of an Associated Press feature piece.

A quick Google search revealed that the picture Omer used is in fact an AP photo used in that very report.

Omer was called out by an Israeli blogger and activist David Ha'ivri, who noted that the only way he could have gotten hold of the picture was by lifting it from an article about Al-Farra and his treatment in an Israeli hospital - cynically co-opting the young child's suffering for the sake of cheap propaganda.


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