Need prayer? Google takes you to the nearest mosque


It's been obvious for some time that Google pushes a liberal agenda. Now we know they are also pushing the Islamic agenda. So when you think you are getting neutral search results ... think again. Google has been accused of "delisting" conservative news sites from its search engine. What's more, Google officially supports gay marriage. It is also a supporter of Charles Darwin and atheism. 

But its most questionable relationship is with the Obama Administration. It has supplied the Administration with data from the searches of millions of Americans, helping him win election and re-election. It also admitted to collecting personal information, including e-mails and passwords, from Wi-Fi networks as its street-view vans traveled through neighborhoods around the world. It said they were "accidental" data collections, but we've heard that before.

If you want true neutrality in your searching go to This search engine does not collect data and gives you true and reliable searches without the liberal spin.


By Susan D. Harris

Thursday was the National Day of Prayer. If you were looking for prayer events in your area, you might have used a search engine to look for service times. If you did, you were likely surprised that those search engines assumed you had your Qur'an in one hand and your prayer rug in the other.

Here's a little experiment you can try right now. Google "Prayer in ____;" filling in the blank with the name of your city.

I'm betting the first search result will be a link to As a matter of fact, it's likely that most, if not all of the results on the first page, will be Islamic links.

Will it play in Peoria? Let's try it. "Prayer in Peoria, IL" returns the following results: (Islamic Foundation of Peoria) (Islamic Center of Peoria)

Let's try another one. If Bugs Bunny wanted to say a prayer after missing a left turn in Albuquerque, NM, he'd do a Google search and find the same: Islamicfinder, SalahTimes, and a few extra's like – which would welcome him to the Islamic Center of New Mexico!

If you're still saying "Show me!" – let's take a look in Missouri. "Prayer in Jefferson City" nets us, of course, IslamicFinder, MuslimPro, (Jefferson City Muslim Community); then surprisingly throws us some Christian links farther down the page.

No matter what city you pick, Google displays Islamic Finder as the first search result; a site that will ensure your prayer schedule is spot on. It even gives you a different quote from Allah every day, as well as a list of local Masjids, Islamic Centers and Muslim Owned Businesses.

Try it on Yahoo or Bing and you'll get fairly similar results.

People typing "prayer" into search engines are usually those who are urgently looking for others to pray when they or a loved one fall into desperate circumstances. They are people looking for help and hope; people asking questions.

It would seem that someone, somewhere, is hoping they'll turn to Islam for the answers.


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