'Nothing to indicate this is a credible threat'

From Hannity.com

The photographs, sent to Hannity.com by a Hannity Radio Show listener reveal graffiti on a cement block which reads, "Allah Akbar, LBK TX." Also included in the graffiti is an image that appears to be a drawing of a bomb. LBK is an acronym for Lubbock, TX.

It is unknown whether the graffiti was painted before or after the Garland terror attempt. Garland is approximately 280 miles from Scurry County and Lubbock is approximately 87 miles from where the graffiti appeared.

Captain David Turner of the Lubbock County Sheriff's Department told Hannity.com that their Special Operations Division is aware of the graffiti and has forwarded the information to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) which has jurisdiction in both Scurry and Lubbock counties. 

Texas DPS Spokesman, Tom Vinger says the department does not have any updates on the graffiti and that it's "too early to draw conclusions."

According to Texas DPS spokesperson Tom Vinger, the graffiti is not being considered a serious threat.

“We have looked into this with our law enforcement partners, including the FBI – and at this point in time, there is nothing to indicate that this constitutes a credible threat,” said Vinger (quote via EverythingLubbock). “If anyone has any information about the graffiti, please contact law enforcement.”


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