SPLC 'admits' adding individuals as 'hate groups'


The Southern Poverty Law Center is actually the number one hate group on my list. They utterly HATE Christians and conservatives, and their list of "haters" is proof of their bias. My organization, Christian Action Network, has been on their list of haters for years, along with such notables as the Family Research Council, a solid mainstream organization.

Although it would be nice to write off the SPLC as a wacko leftist hate group, they have done tremendous damage in the United States. The Obama Administration actually takes them seriously, and in 2013 they used the SPLC's list of evangelical "hate groups" in a directive to Army trainees, teaching these young recruits that the worst extremists in the nation, and hence the most dangerous domestic enemies, were evangelicals. The Army actually listed evangelicals as more dangerous than the KKK and al Qaeda. 

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By Daniel Greenfield

I have to put “admits” in quotation marks because the SPLC, a mail order scam posing as a civil rights group, acts as if it’s utterly unaware that it’s doing anything wrong and Reuters, which reports on it, acts the same way.

For the cartoonist whose portrait of Mohammad won a Texas contest, the police killing of two gunmen outside the meeting place was justice.

“They came to kill us and died for it. Justice,” artist Bosch Fawstin tweeted on Monday.

Fawstin’s winning entry depicts a sword-wielding Prophet in a turban shouting, “You can’t draw me.” In reply, a cartoon bubble portrays the artist, his hand grasping a pencil, as saying, “That’s why I draw you.”

The American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), sponsor of the Sunday night event, gave Fawstin, a Bronx, New York-born, former Muslim, $12,500 in prize money and introduced him to the crowd as a courageous and righteous man.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which includes AFDI on its annual list of U.S. hate groups, plans to add Fawstin to its 2016 report, Heidi Beirich, director of the tracking effort, told Reuters on Monday.

She said he would have been listed previously, but the center did not know Fawstin’s location. The organization has since learned that his website is registered in New York City.

“He’s like the artist of the movement,” Beirich said. “His views, they are hate views.” She said his website is “virulently ugly” in its anti-Muslim views.

The SPLC’s hate list already includes multiple single author blogs, a brand of gun oil, a bar sign and repeat entries. You can put some of this down to sloppiness, but here Beirich is openly talking about adding Bosch to its hate group list while knowing that he’s an individual.

Aside from the general inappropriateness of adding the target of a hate crime to a list of hate groups, an individual is not a group. This isn’t even a political issue. It’s a simple matter of definition.

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of hate groups is constantly quoted as if it were authoritative, when it’s ridiculously sloppy and contains all the due diligence of a drunk drinking antifreeze.

Let’s take the quote from the article.

Heidi Beirich claims that she knew of Bosch’s existence, but couldn’t list him because she didn’t know his location, but just now discovered that his website is “registered” in New York.

All of this is idiotic gibberish. Bosch has a blog, not a website, without a domain name. The location of Bosch is irrelevant except to encourage attacks on him, which has taken place before due to an SPLC hate map.

Bosch Fawstin is an individual not a group. But then again so am I and that hasn’t stopped the SPLC from adding me as a hate group. And a brand of gun oil. And a bar sign.

The SPLC couldn’t be any sloppier if it tried. It’s now openly talking about adding individuals as hate groups. Then the SPLC tells donors that the number of hate groups has increased until at some point there are 300 million hate groups in America.

Reuters does not bother to ask why Heidi is adding an individual as a hate group. Nobody in the media ever asks the SPLC questions about its scams.


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