Video shows ISIS forcing children to watch beheadings



By Justen Charters

A new ISIS video shows the cruel methods they’re using to brainwash children into thinking the terrorist group’s brutality is completely normal.

In the video, a crowd of kids are forced to watch the punishment which unfolds in the public square. The people being punished, three alleged thieves, disturbingly enough appear to be reconciled with having their hands chopped off by a massive blade.

After one thief loses his hand, he exclaims:

“Islamic State remains. Islamic State remains. Allah is the greatest!”

In addition, throughout the video the terrorists cite Islam’s prophet Mohammed and the Qur’an to justify their actions.

It’s been reported that after the jihadists chop off the hands of an alleged thief, they pour water bottles full of sterilizer over the wound.

Again, we see why ISIS has no place in the civilized world and needs to be crushed: Not just for the welfare of the people they rule with an iron fist, but for humanity as a whole.


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