Dead terrorist was brother of Boston's 'most respected' Muslim cleric



By Douglas Gray

A federal grand jury in Boston has indicted two men on charges of conspiracy to help the Islamic State group (ISIS) by plotting with a Boston terror suspect to kill US citizens to support the group’s objectives and spread terror.

Federal authorities yesterday announced the indictments of Nicholas Rovinski of Warwick, Rhode Island, and David Wright of Everett, Massachusetts.

They were charged last week with conspiring to provide material support to terrorists by plotting with Boston terror suspect Usaamah Rahim to behead blogger Pamela Geller, who wasn’t harmed. Rahim was killed June 2 by investigators who say Rahim dived at them with a military-style knife.

Rovinski and Wright are expected in court Friday for a detention hearing. Prosecutors are expected to ask that the two men be held without bail while awaiting trial.

Rahim’s older brother, long one of Boston’s most respected Muslim clerics, said in his first extended comments on the case that he cannot reconcile the brother he knew with officials’ description of what he had become. They were raised, he said, in a family committed to a religion of peace.

He said the family would have intervened, forcefully, at any notion that Usaamah was aligning himself with Muslim extremists. “We would do our physical, spiritual, intellectual best to intervene and to talk down any such scenario,” Imam Rahim said. “As a family we would not allow that to happen. That is not who we are as a people.”

For now, the family is trying to make sense of it all, “like any family that loses a loved one,” Imam Rahim said. “There are questions. We’ve tried to be very patient. We’ve tried to be reserved, calm. We’ve tried not to jump to any conclusions. We have just asked to hear the full range of facts.”

The family is looking for more answers as the law enforcement guys keep insisting that these two men were out to create mayhem after aligning with ISIS.


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