Jihad goes Jurassic: Dinosaur Islamophobia charged by Muslims

From Frontpagemag.com

By Daniel Greenfield

Every time you think peak social justice warrior has been reached, it goes to a whole new level of crazy.

SJWs decided to greet summer by taking on the big blockbusters. After futile whining about The Avengers movie, despite it being written and directed by a guy who agrees with 100 percent of their politics, they began fulminating over Jurassic World. Their reasons never made any particular sense and this hits a new low of senseless insanity.

Behold; Dinosaur Islamophobia.

Among the smorgasbord of dinosaurs that feature in this summer’s biggest blockbuster, Jurassic World, is the little-known Pachycephalosaurus.

It is pronounced (pak-ee-sef-a-low-sor -us), and the lizard-like creature has a habit of escaping its enclosure.

Now, this is a fast-paced action film so there is no time for such lengthy paleontological words, leading a character to at one point abbreviate and shout: “The Pachys are out of containment!”

Phonetically this sounds like a wildly racist slur, and it has left some viewers squirming uncomfortably in their seats:

This doesn’t come from Tumbr, but from The Independent, which collected complaints of Muslims whining on Twitter that the character was saying, “The Pakis are out of containment.”

And The Independent treats their ignorant whining as a serious issue because they  can’t tell the difference between people and dinosaurs.

Now if a theater somewhere didn’t give them a free Diet Coke, then the dinosaur feces will really hit the Islamophobia fan.

But they should really be grateful that Pakistani Daleks never became a movie.


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