Boko Haram films its mass murder: GRAPHIC




By Sam Prince

The ISIS-affiliated West African terrorist organization Boko Haram has purportedly released a new video showing them shooting, executing, and beheading people.

The video begins with a long rant by an Islamic State-Boko Haram jihadist against the West African governments of Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, and Niger, all of which are actively fighting ISIS. It then cuts to a rural area and shows ISIS militants walking through farmland.

The mass murder begins around the 7-minute mark, when ISIS militants are shown driving down a road and firing indiscriminately at homes, cars, and people. ISIS militants then get out and butcher their victims even more, shooting many point blank with assault rifles and even partaking in the barbarity of beheading and throat slitting.

Where exactly this video takes place is not clear, but it shows that ISIS continues its bloody rampage far from where it was concepted.


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