NYC man who tried to behead daughter caught trying to join ISIS


By Daniel Greenfield

Arafat M. Nagi, a Muslim in New York, has done his part to enrich the fabric of our diversity by not working since 2009.

Nagi said he has not worked since 2009 when he was injured. He told the judge he previously worked delivering medication to pharmacies for Prestige Delivery Systems, but was fired. He also described himself as disabled, although he never has filed for disability benefits.

Nagi said he relies on family members to pay his bills.

Nagi said he is divorced and the father of a son, 23, and daughter, 21.

Also he tried to behead his daughter.

Officers Pyjas and Fino responded to a Ingham Avenue address for a menacing complaint. After speaking with a witness who states that she was with Arafat M. Nagi’s, 42, daughter when he pulled up next to them and displayed a large knife. Nagi’s daughter ran into her residence to call 911 and he told the witness that he was going to shoot and behead his daughter. Nagi was located a short distance away inside of his vehicle. He was arrested after the officers located a large knife inside of his vehicle he was Nagi was charged with menacing 3rd degree and criminal possession of a weapon 4th degree.

That was two years ago. You would have thought he could have been jailed or deported by now.

Anyway aside from all that, Arafat Nagi was into long walks on the beach by moonlight and Jihad.

Arafat Nagi, 44, was preparing to leave Lackawanna and agents believed he was headed to the Middle East to fight with ISIS, prompting agents to take him into custody, according to a source.

U.S. Attorney William J. Hochul Jr. at a news conference Wednesday said Nagi has on two separate occasions traveled from Lackawanna to Turkey to try and join the terrorist organization, which also is known as ISIL.

Will the United States finally be rid of Arafat? Don't count on it. Either way taxpayers will subsidizing him until the end of his miserable life. Just like the real Arafat and his PLO.

The last time Lackawanna made headlines it was because of the Lackawanna Six, a sleeper cell of six Yemeni Muslims aiding Al Qaeda. Arafat Nagi also appears to be Yemeni.

There are a whole bunch of Yemeni Muslims living in Lackawanna, New York, because this country's government has an obsessive death wish.

More than 1,100 people of Yemeni descent live in Lackawanna. Their culture and their faith set them apart from others in the city - and co-existence has had its rough edges.

This is a piece of ethnic America where the Arabic-speaking Al-Jazeera television station is beamed in from Qatar through satellite dishes to Yemenite-American homes; where young children answer "Salaam" when the cell phone rings, while older children travel to the Middle East to meet their future husband or wife; where soccer moms don't seem to exist, and where girls don't get to play soccer - or, as some would say, football.

That was 13 years ago. Assume there are a lot more than that now in a population of less than 20,000.

A popular stretch of Ridge Road now has Yemini and American flags waving. Some residents in the community don’t welcome it, but the Mayor of Lackawanna said he’s not backing down.

“Some people don’t like the fact that they’re flying side by side with our flag. Then my response was well you didn’t call anybody or complain when the Polish flags were flying side by side with the American flags,” said Mayor Geoff Szymanski, (D).

Szymansky said the Yeminite community is the fastest growing community in Lackawanna.

Except that the red in the Yemeni flag stands for the "blood of martyrs" and Yemen is currently divided between ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran's Shiite Houthi terrorists. That's a little different than the Poles.

Also the Poles don't seem to be joining ISIS as much.


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