Huckabee brings up key issue in Kentucky case: What law is in question?

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By Warner Todd Huston

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee

The controversy continues in Kentucky as Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis steadfastly refuses to issue gay marriage licenses in her office despite the Supreme Court’s insistence that she relent and issue the licenses. There’s been a lot said about the clerk, but former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has brought up at least one thing that no one else seems interested in discussing.

In a letter sent to his supporters, Huckabee is asking a series of questions about Kim Davis and her situation. One thing he notes is that Kim is a Democrat, something that few are mentioning, especially those in the mainstream media.

But more particularly Huckabee wants to know under exactly what law Davis is being commanded to issue marriage licenses to gay couples?

The main question is this: just what “law” did the Supreme Court make with its gay marriage decision? What statute was passed? What law written?

The answer is: none.

Here is what Huckabee told his supporters:

I spoke with Kim Davis this morning to offer my prayers and support. For those of you who don’t know, Kim is the Rowan County Clerk, a Democrat, who is under fire from the left for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses in Kentucky.

I let Kim know how proud I am of her for not abandoning her religious convictions and standing strong for religious liberty. She is showing more courage and humility than just about any federal officeholder in Washington.

Kim is asking the perfect question: ‘Under what law am I authorized to issue homosexual couples a marriage license?’ That simple question is giving many in Congress a civics lesson that they never got in grade school.

The Supreme Court cannot and did not make a law. They only made a ruling on a law. Congress makes the laws. Because Congress has made no law allowing for same-sex marriage, Kim does not have the Constitutional authority to issue a marriage license to homosexual couples.

Kim is a person of great conviction. When people of conviction fight for what’s right they often pay a price, but if they don’t and we surrender, we will pay a far greater price for bowing to the false God of judicial supremacy. Government is not God. No man – and certainly no unelected lawyer – has the right to redefine the laws of nature or of nature’s God. Five unelected lawyers have abused their power by ruling in favor of a national right to same-sex marriage with no legal precedent and with nothing in our Constitution to back it up. They have violated American’s most fundamental right guaranteed by our Constitution — religious liberty.

I stand with Kim Davis and every American of faith under attack by Washington elites who have nothing but disdain for us, our faith and the Constitution.

If you stand with us, please sign my petition in support of religious liberty here.

With gratitude,
Mike Huckabee

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