David Cameron: Muslim women should learn English to combat radicalization

From the UK Independent

By Oliver Wright

Much more needs to be done to help Muslim women learn English and integrate more as a key part of the fight against Islamist extremism, Prime Minister David Cameron said.

Investigations into the 700, mainly young, Muslims who have left the UK to join Isis reveal that in most cases parents had little idea of their children’s radicalisation. 

Many mothers do not have English as a first language and are not aware of the influences on their children.

As a result Mr Cameron is expected to call for more Muslim women to be given help to learn English. Mr Cameron’s comments come ahead of a report by Louise Casey, of the Government’s Troubled Families unit, who has been carrying out a review of how to combat the call of extremism. Her findings will provide the framework for a new Cohesive Communities Programme, designed to “improve integration and extend opportunity” among Muslims.

Haras Rafiq of the Quilliam Foundation, which has been advising the Government, said there also needed to be a wider campaign to make Islamism unacceptable in Muslim communities.

“I see it a bit like racism in football,” he said. “Twenty years ago it was acceptable. But then everyone got together – football clubs, politicians, fans – in a concerted campaign to change perceptions and make it unacceptable.”


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