Teen cuts off hand after misunderstanding Imam's question

From the UK Daily Star

By Helen Whitehouse

Mohammed Anwar, 15, mutilated himself after mishearing a speech at a mosque in Pakistan.

The imam, Shabbir Ahmed, asked people to raise their hands if they did not love the Prophet Muhammad.

Mohammed misheard the question and raised his hand – and was subsequently accused of blasphemy.

The teen responded by going home, cutting off his hand and presenting it on a plate.

Worryingly, Mohammed, from Hurja Shah Muqueem, a village in Lahore, Pakistan, is being hailed as a hero.

Police officer Nausher Ahmed told local media that Mohammed's father was proud of his actions.

He also claimed he witnessed the boy walking down the street with his severed hand as villagers praised him.

But Shabbir has now been arrested for a hate speech inciting violence – a criminal offence under Pakistan's anti terror plan.

"Such illiterate imams of mosques should not be allowed to deliver speeches," said Nausher.

"His arrest is under the National Action Plan – that states that hate speeches inciting violence are no longer allowed in this country."

Blasphemy is a controversial issue in Pakistan.

The law doesn't define what it is, but states that the penalty is death.

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