Afghans, Pakistanis in huge brawl over alcohol use at migrant camp

From the UK Express

By Jake Burman

Riot police were called to a migrant camp over the weekend to break up hundreds of Muslim asylum seekers who were allegedly brawling over alcohol.

Five people were taken to hospital after the fight which was ignited over frictions between different factions of Islam.

A German police officer gestures to migrants.

A German police officer gestures to migrants.

The brawl broke out after Pakistani men at the Leimen asylum centre in Germany accused a group of Afghan refugees of being “bad Muslims” for drinking inside the camp, according to local media.

A staggering 32 police cars were sent to the scene after the two originally sent had to call for backup to break up the 200 migrants, according to Focus.

Officers said ten Afghan refugees were taken to a police station to sober up, but no arrests were made.

It is not the first time asylum seekers have fought each other inside refugee camps.

German official Rainer Wendt has previously warned against segregating refugees by religion

In October a German official claimed refugees were taking part in "organised mass brawls" inside the country’s centres.

Rainer Wendt said migrant camps were experiencing "proper power struggles between different groups who have different ethnic and religious backgrounds".

Mr Wendt, the leader of Germany's police union, added that information about the extent of the crisis is being hidden by authorities to avoid scaring the public.

However he warned that segregating refugees by religion is not the answer to the problem.

He said: “We must not forget: in the home countries, most victims of Islamists are not Christians, but Muslims.

"A religious separation is therefore not effective."

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