Migrant violence uncovered at more schools across Canada

From The Rebel

By Faith Goldy

The first story was out of Nova Scotia. The next took place in New Brunswick, and made international headlines.

I wondered: Are there more schools experiencing this problem? We at The Rebel sent Access to Information requests to several Canadian school boards, asking for any evidence of issues or concerns involving their new Syrian migrant student population. And we received a lot of information...

Over the next three days, I will focus on one region per a day. Tonight, I'll look at documents we received from the Calgary Board of Education.

You can scroll down to read the 60 pages of documents we received, but here are some examples:

“During soccer today (one of the Syrian migrants) got upset at a student. He picked up a rock and threw it at the student who ducked, and another student was hit in the face."

“The students shout In Arabic and (one migrant student) goes at them fists pounding. Students have to be physically separated and (the Syrian student in question) stays in a heightened angered state for well over an hour after each incident and needs to be monitored closely.”

"(TheSyrian students) were supposed to be in Foods class during period 2 today… (instead they were) Wandering the hallways for 10 minutes…  Once they were redirected to Foods class, (they) were sent back because they spent another 15 minutes doing absolutely nothing, refusing to participate. (…) They said 'this Is women's work, not for men.' This is ongoing behavior that interrupts the daily activities in our classes."

It’s time we stop ignoring children who are being beaten and threatened at a place where they should feel safe.

It’s time we stop making exceptions for abuse against Canadian girls, just because the perpetrators are from a particular part of the world.

And, it’s time we stop allowing political correctness to put our children in harm’s way.

Tomorrow, I’ll present Part Two in this series, with an investigation into what’s happening in Ontario schools.

NOTE: I asked the Calgary School Board to comment. This is their reply, via email:

The Calgary Board of Education has welcomed 512 students from Syria since January, 2016. These students are spread across the system, at all grade levels.

The CBE has a long history of accepting students with refugee backgrounds from a number of countries, many of them war-torn. We have an established process for successfully settling these students into our system and supporting them as they integrate into our community. The CBE has many specific supports available for those refugee students who have limited English language proficiency, interrupted schooling and who may have experienced traumatic life events.

The Board of Trustees did make some appeals for additional funding for refugee students. At this time, we are funded for students enrolled in CBE schools by Sept. 30 of each school year.

The CBE is a learning organization, and our Administrative Regulation 3067 Religion in Education states that:

“The Calgary Board of Education accepts children of all faiths and creeds, and it must show understanding and respect for differences arising from differences in faith, while encouraging inquiry and discussion in the continuing search for truth, which is the hallmark of a growing, rational being.”

We will not provide comment on matters of individual student discipline; however, student discipline and information about the student code of conduct can be found in our Administrative Regulation documents AR 6006 Progressive Student Discipline and AR 6005 Student Code of Conduct. These policies outline expectations and guide the actions taken at every school when dealing with issues between students and staff, regardless of religious beliefs, cultural background or the origin of the conflict.

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