Muslim leader fails in bid to bar Trump from UK

From the UK Guardian

A Muslim political leader has failed to win a court order banning Donald Trump from entering the UK for two years.

The move at the high court in London is part of Kamran Malik’s legal battle against the billionaire over his claim that parts of the city are so radicalised that Metropolitan police officers fear for their lives.

Kamran Malik

Kamran Malik

Malik, and his east London-based Communities United party, is seeking £10m in damages against the would-be Republican candidate for the US presidency for allegedly defaming Muslims living in the Green Street and Romford Road area of Forest Gate.

In a bid to justify his comments last December that Muslims should be barred from entering the US, Trump said parts of London and Paris were so “radicalised” that police officers were scared.

Malik says that the “careless or negligent comments” had the potential to affect the trust and confidence that Muslims in his part of London had built with non-Muslim friends and business partners.

He has sent a copy of his claim to Trump at 725 Fifth Avenue, New York – Trump Tower – and has now also applied for an injunction against him.

Dismissing his application, Mr Justice Dove said it was made without notice and on the basis that it was urgent, but there was nothing to suggest that Trump had any intention to visit the UK in the short term.

Trump’s potential admission to the UK was a decision which rested at first instance with the home secretary who administers the country’s immigration legislation, he added.

The judge said that, without forming any view of the validity of Malik’s complaints against Trump, he was satisfied there was no proper basis for an injunction.

Malik was refused permission to appeal but can reapply directly to the court of appeal.


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