Besieged ISIS still releasing execution videos

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By Sara Malm

ISIS has released a new video depicting the executions of six alleged 'spies' in the terrorist group's besieged 'stronghold' Falluhjah, in Iraq's Anbar Governate.

The men are all accused of leaking information to the Iraqi government, which has been advancing on ISIS in the area in recent months.

One of the men, a hospital worker accused of leaking information on injured ISIS fighters is decapitated using explosive wire tied around his neck.

The video names the man as Mohamed Mahmoud Dayih, claiming that he had used his position as a clerk at the Fallujah General Hospital to send information to the Iraqi Interior ministry.

ISIS accuse him of handing over information on the medical staff working for ISIS at the hospital, taking pictures of them and giving information on dead and wounded ISIS fighters.

The video shows him kneeling on the ground while ISIS terrorists tie a blue wire around his neck, evidently packed with explosives.

Seconds later, the camera pans out to show the moment the bomb-rope is detonated, decapitating the man.

The second execution shown is that of two policemen, allegedly arrested by ISIS as they tried to leave Fallujah to pass on information about ISIS fighters to the Iraqi Army.

The man is named as Mohamed Mahmoud Dayih, who had reportedly been working as a clerk at Fallujah General Hospital. Note the American-made equipment of the fighters.

The man is named as Mohamed Mahmoud Dayih, who had reportedly been working as a clerk at Fallujah General Hospital. Note the American-made equipment of the fighters.

The men are seen kneeling next to each other wearing orange jumpsuits, before they are shot in the back of the head. 

Two others, accused of similar 'apostate' crimes by the terrorist organisation are murdered in the same manner in front of the camera.

The sixth victim is named as Sam Faisal Sowaidan, reportedly also a Fallujah policeman who had allegedly been 'spying' on ISIS for the Iraqi Interior Ministry.

ISIS accuse him of handing over 'Mujahideen names and places of residence', and execute him by cutting his head off with a knife before displaying his bloody remains.

ISIS is currently fighting an offensive by the Iraqi Army in Anbar Governate, backed up by Coalition airstrikes, with Fallujah being the terrorist group's last stronghold in the state.


As of last month, Fallujah is fully besieged by Iraqi government forces, and the men seen being executed in the video are accused of helping the Army.

The city, located 30 miles west of Baghdad is almost completely cut off from the rest of ISIS's self-proclaimed 'caliphate'.

Some three weeks ago, the Iraqi Government reported that 600 ISIS fighters had fled Fallujah, with just an estimated 400 terrorists remaining in the city itself. 

The new video appears to be a desperate attempt to show that they still hold power in the city, with ISIS's propaganda machinery writing that it should serve as 'a message to the apostates and their masters that blood for blood and destruction for destruction'.

Iraqi forces are currently advancing up the Euphrates Valley, and are due to launch a final operation to retake the city of Hit, around 65 miles west of Fallujah, officials said this week.

Yahya Rasool, the spokesman for the Joint Operations Command coordinating the fight against IS in Iraq, said an operation in Hit would come soon.

'Unfortunately, Hit is still under Daesh control but it will be retaken in the coming days,' he told AFP on Tuesday.

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