Muslim supremacist to speak at Illinois college in April


By Dexter Van Zile

Mustafa Abu Sway is a Muslim supremacist. He believes that Muslims should wield political power over Jews and Christians in the Holy Land and in the rest of the Middle East. He also thinks Israel should disappear because the existence of a Jewish state is a theological impossibility under Islam. Abu Sway also asserts that Palestinian leaders have “never” taught children to hate, when in fact, they have and have done it a lot.

Despite his supremacist views and misleading testimony, Abu Sway will be speaking at Elmhurst College, a small liberal arts school affiliated with the United Church of Christ located outside of Chicago. His appearance at the college — scheduled for Friday, April 15 — will give students and faculty an opportunity to show just how committed they are to honest and robust interfaith dialogue.

Mustafa Abu Sway

Mustafa Abu Sway

Abu Sway, a Palestinian Muslim who lives in Jerusalem, has been making the rounds for a long time. In 1990, he spoke at a peace conference organized by the Episcopal Church in Massachusetts. According to James Thrall, who covered the event for the church, Abu Sway called “for a vast Islamic state in the Middle East ruling Muslilm, Jew, and Christian.” According to Thrall, Abu Sway assured his audience that if a Muslim is “truly” following the Koran, “he would have to be just to the Jew, and to the Christian and all people.”

Thrall reported that Abu Sway was unable convince the Jewish participant at the peace conference, Yehezkel Landau from Religious Zionists for Strength and Peace, of the need for Jews to abandon their sovereign state, but that didn’t stop the Muslim scholar from “trying to convince his friend that total Islamic rule over the Holy Land and most of the Middle East is the answer to the divisions between Arabs and Jews.”

This is Muslim supremacism, plain and simple. And as shocking as it may sound, it’s an argument that Abu Sway made at least two more times in the following years. In 1991, he told Israeli journalist Yossi Klein Halevi, “Theologically, there is no possibility of accepting [a] Jewish state. But Jews should trust Islam. They will be treated justly in an Islamic state, because they’ll be under the protection of Allah.” (Apparently, Islamic State has not been reading the Koran.)

There’s more. Writing for Books and Culture, which is published by Christianity Today, Christian scholar Gerald McDermott reported in 2002 that at an interfaith conference in Jerusalem, “Mustafa Abu Sway remarked, to audible gasps from Jews in the audience, that he wished the state of Israel ‘would disappear.’”

Abu Sway has made himself perfectly clear. He wants Israel to go away and he wants Islamic theocracy to be imposed on Christians and Jews in the Middle East. He wants them to live as second-class citizens, having to rely on their Muslim neighbors to provide for their safety and well-being.

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