Vatican newspaper warns against 1-sided portrayal of Islam


L’Osservatore Romano published a column on the front page of its Holy Saturday edition cautioning against one-sided media portrayals of Islam.

In the column, Zouhir Louassini, a Muslim journalist who works for Italy’s state-owned 24-hour news channel, argued that Western media fail to cover diverse views of Islam that “fill the Arab public square.”

Louassini cites a Moroccan professor’s statement that the Qur’anic phrase “people of the book” really means “family of the book,” with the implication that Judaism and Christianity are worthy of the same respect as Islam.

A one-sided Western portrayal of Islam, Louassini continued, fosters fear and hatred, hinders dialogue between cultures, and helps lead “to an Orwellian world from which the critical spirit is banished.”


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