U.S. 9th-graders tricked into becoming Muslims, former Muslim says

By the Christian Action Network

Ninth-graders at a high school in Staunton, Va. essentially converted to Islam late last year when a teacher had them write out the shahada, or Muslim statement of faith, according to an Egyptian national and former Muslim who converted to Christianity and currently serves as a pastor in the United States.

The conversion was uncovered in April by the Christian Action Network, which is currently shooting Exposed: The Islamization of our Schools, a documentary on indoctrination of U.S. students to Islam using U.S. taxpayer money.

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The group's filmmakers are heading next to Pitt County, S.C., where public school students were taught English vocabulary words by having to insert them into sentences about Allah, Mohammad and Islam. 

Several additional trips are planned, and the group is actively seeking donations as well as new, personal stories of indoctrination to include in the project.

Kimberly Herndon was interviewed in April by the Christian Action Network. Click for a preview.

Kimberly Herndon was interviewed in April by the Christian Action Network. Click for a preview.

The mother of one student in the Virginia case, who complained to the Augusta County school system about her son’s assignment, says she has lost friends, received hate mail, was humiliated by the local and national news media, was scorned by school officials and railed against by Muslim groups after the December 2015 incident at Riverheads High School.

Kimberly Herndon of Staunton said she called the school and demanded answers after the incident, but that school administrators wanted nothing to do with her. A deluge of media coverage followed, and the controversy continues to simmer on social media.


The incident will be featured in an upcoming documentary by Martin Mawyer and the Christian Action Network of Forest, Va., whose 2014 film Europe’s Last Stand, America’s Final Warning exposed the Islamic migrant invasion of Europe before it kicked into high gear in 2015. 

The incident began when teacher Cheryl LaPorte had students complete an assignment that involved practicing calligraphy and copying an image of the shahada, the words of which translate to: "There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah." 

Students were also reportedly given copies of the Quran to pass around. 

Herndon said she became aware of the assignment after her son Nick brought it home and mentioned it to her.

Pastor Ahmed, who works for a central Virginia evangelical agency with a worldwide reach, and who asked that his identity not be published out of concern for the safety of family members still living in Egypt, said that stating the shahada is a significant and dangerous thing for the Virginia students to have done.

“Muslims believe that when anyone says the shahada, this means he becomes Muslim, even if he doesn’t understand what he said,” Ahmed said.

“They become Muslim one hundred percent. When he says ‘I believe by Allah, and Mohammad his prophet,’ [he] become[s] Muslim.”

Ahmed went on to explain how this is dangerous not in a spiritual way, but in a practical and real-world way:

“This means if I decide to go to church after that, I become infidel. And Muslims have a right to kill me … Some Muslims know this; most Muslims who live here don’t know this. But this is Islam. Anyone who left Islam — you must kill him.”

Martin Mawyer interviews ninth-grader Nick Herndon in April.

Martin Mawyer interviews ninth-grader Nick Herndon in April.

This is a part of Sharia, or Islamic law, Ahmed said, and while the teacher is to blame for not being aware of it, the real problem is the forces that are pushing Islam into the curricula and classrooms of U.S. schools.

“Actually, the teacher, for me she is ignorant,” Ahmed said. “But the whole responsibility about this is who is behind it — who put this in lessons and curriculums — because when you say this, all the kids converted to Islam! Whether kids know this or not know this.”

The Arabic shahada exercise brought home by a Virginia ninth-grader

The Arabic shahada exercise brought home by a Virginia ninth-grader

Numerous similar incidents of indoctrination and normalization of Islam — balanced by no similar coverage of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism or Buddhism — have been reported across the nation over the past several years. 

According to the National Review, this is the result of Middle Eastern Studies centers set up at U.S. universities using money from Saudi Arabia and U.S. taxpayers under Title VI of the Higher Education Act. The Middle Eastern Studies centers are required to perform outreach to secure their funds, and this takes the form of school lesson plans which are carried out and into the schools by Muslim activist organizations like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). 

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