ISIS using rape videos as recruiting tool

From BasNews

By Karzan Hawrami

Islamic State (IS) militants in Mosul are continuing forcing women into sex slavery and filming them being raped.

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Official from Mosul, Ismat Rajab, told BasNews that they have obtained information about IS sex slavery engine by which the jihadist group forcefully take young women from Sunni Arab families in Mosul, and use them for their “lustful whims.”


Rajab also revealed that IS is systematically filming the women and shares the footage in hopes of attracting the local teenagers to the sexual promiscuity IS provides them if they join the group.

BasNews previously quoted several officials who confirmed that IS kidnaps women in Mosul whose family members, especially men, reject cooperating with them.

Footage obtained from a killed IS insurgent’s cellphone went viral last year in which a group of militants appear to celebrate the arrival of new female captives, negotiating on the price of women based on their age and beauty.

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