Iran president urges Muslim nations to unite against terrorism

From AhlulBayt News Agency

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has received Malaysian foreign minister to discuss bilateral as well as regional and international issues of bilateral interests.

Mr. Anifah Aman is visiting Tehran heading a delegation of Malaysian tradesmen and other economic activists and was received by President Rouhani of Iran on Tuesday evening. Rouhani’s speech focused upon an emphasis on unity of all Muslim countries in the face of pressing issues threatening the whole Islamic world. He also pointed to the religious shared elements in the two nations which cemented their relations and with it widened the prospects of economic and cultural relations; “Iran welcomes cultural tourism and exchanges which would help both countries to activate potentials; we hope to see the joint economic commission addresses the dormant potentials and bestows a momentum to Tehran-Kuala Lumpur ties,” Mr. Rouhani told the meeting.

Malaysian Foreign Minister Anifah Aman, left, meets with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, right.

Malaysian Foreign Minister Anifah Aman, left, meets with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, right.

“The Islamic world faces huge problems and the religious element shared by all Muslims should provide a solution in form of unity and ending grievances and hostilities among the brethren of coreligionists.”

Rouhani criticized the appropriation of Islamic name by a group terrorist and cruel as it is, which had no relation to the religion of Islam and which justified its savagery and brutality by jihad and Islamic tenets; “all Muslims should unite to defeat this scourge of the Islamic world,” he added.

Mr. Anifah Aman for his part voiced his fellow country’s resolve in improving ties with Iran to use opportunities created by the removal of sanctions; “science, tourism, trade and business, and Iran’s huge capabilities and resources are fields Malaysia is interested to work with Iran,” he added. He was unanimous with Mr. Rouhani in reiterating his grievances toward terrorism which abused the name of Islam, and the necessity that Iran and Malaysia could help bring unity to disparate elements in Islamic territories.

He also rejected militarism as assumed by some countries as the only viable solution to issues; “cooperation of Islamic countries should be centerpiece of any solution to rule out military action and options,” Mr. Aman concluded, while conveying Malaysian prime minister’s official invitation to Mr. Rouhani for a visit to East Asian country.

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