Graham: Threat of Islam not limited to Christians

From Christian Daily

By Lorraine Caballero

Rev. Franklin Graham has recently spoken out against Islam, calling the religion a threat not just to Christians but also to all who do not believe in Allah.

In a post on his official Facebook page, Rev. Graham warned that Osama bin Laden's death did not mark the end of America's war on terror, albeit it was a significant milestone. The well-known evangelist said the battle against Islamic militants is still going on worldwide, Christian Today relays.

"Islam is a real threat to freedom — to all those who love liberty," said Graham on his page. "Islam isn't just a threat to Christians, but it's a threat to Jews, to Hindus, to anyone —anywhere — who is a nonbeliever in their god."

Graham cited the recent beheading of Canadian hostage John Ridsdel by the Islamic militant group Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines. He also shared a BBC report on how Islamists hacked a Hindu tailor to death while he was just outside his shop in Tangail, Bangladesh.

The Christian pastor agreed with Central Intelligence Agency head John O. Brennan's recent statement warning authorities against all elements of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). He urged America to stay focused on the danger that Islam poses.

Meanwhile, Graham has recently called on voters to elect Christians to public office. He told the thousands of people who attended a rally in Kentucky that the government needs Christians "at every level," the Louisville Courier-Journal reports.

Encouraging people to go out and exercise their right to vote, he urged them to choose candidates who will uphold Christian values. He specifically mentioned those on school boards, because they are the ones who decide which books the students are reading.

After his speech, Graham attended a news conference where he explained that Christianity is the foundation of America, and not other faiths like Islam. He said the country was built on the Christian faith, and the U.S. is not a Muslim nation.


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