Iranian convert to Christianity savages Islam as corrupt and immoral


By Pamela Geller

One of my readers whom I shall call Z is a former Muslim. She watched my speech at Brooklyn College and wrote me, “I watched your speech at Brooklyn university and simply I felt sorry for America’s future, my favorite country.I agree with you 100% about everything, but talking to Muslims is like talking to stone,they have no ear to hear, no brain to analyze and no heart to understand. These people are not here because they love freedom,they are here because they hate freedom and they want to take the freedom away from this country and make it like their own country. They are here to suck out everything from America,they are here not for love but hatred.

I am the victim of Islam. I am an Iranian woman who was born into a liberal Muslim family, but as much as I read and thought, I couldn’t accept this religion. I was arrested in my country and I was lashed 80 times by Muslims. On that day I promised myself I will do whatever I can to save the non-Muslim world from this Monster. I found my way out of my country. I got to know about Christianity when I was living in Southeast Asia and I converted to Christianity. Destiny brought me to the land of freedom where I found many radical Muslims unfortunately. These people want the whole world and their danger to civilized society is serious. Because of this religion and its followers, I cant go back to my own country (they have taken my land from me but none of them say occupied Iran,they say occupied Palestine). One of my parents is sick and I have not seen my family for more than 10 years just because of them.

I don’t have any thing to lose and I don’t want to see America in the hands of Muslim. I don’t want to see the things that happened to my country after 1979 Islamic revolution happen to USA. I like to fight by your side and I like to continue your path.”

I asked her to write up her journey —


I am a Christian woman who was born into a Muslim family in Iran. As a child, my brain was constantly processing the events around me. When I started to go to school, we were taught all Islamic principles, sharia law and Muhammad’s biography. Almost every day, I could hear these words in the school: Islam is the best religion, Islam is the religion of peace, infidels are unclean, Muslims should kill infidels, or Muhammad was sinless. However, I used to find a lot of contradictions between what I learned in the school and what Islam really is and who Muhammad really was.

The contradiction is even obvious in the sentences above: “Religion of peace” and killing infidels. I used to ask my teachers why should we kill infidels, or basically who is considered an infidel. The answer was simple and clear: because they corrupt the world; the people who don’t worship Allah are infidels. But I witnessed every day that no one more than Muslims corrupt the world, and how I could accept that all Chinese, Russians and Indians deserved to die? How peaceful Islam was.

The other problem was women’s place in Islam. Islam and Muhammad do not have any respect for women. Women are second-class citizens, and Allah calls woman Fitnah, which means temptation or trial. I was always wondering if Islam is a religion for men only and women are tools in their hands to satisfy their carnal desires. A woman’s life valued as half of a man’s life. If a man murders a woman, he won’t be punished, but if a woman murders a man, she shall be executed, and so on. When I used to ask why is it like that, my teachers used to say because the man is a provider for family, but in my mind the woman is my mother, the woman could be a provider, too, if the Muslim man allowed her to.

Another challenge that I had was Muhammad’s life. He was a corrupt and violent man. He married a rich 40-year- old woman when he was 25, and a 9-year- old child when he was 54. He was married with more than 12 women, and counting sex slaves over 49. Muslims say they were widows or poor, but that is not true. Many of them were the daughter of his disciples, or of traders or the chiefs of tribes (Hafsa and Aisha). Even if they were poor, I was always wondering why he just did not help them financially, why he married them instead.

He also killed most of his opponents, many Jews and so on. I used to think that if Muhammad was that corrupt and still considered sinless, I must be a God.

However, the Just Allah was different. If I do the same things that he did, I am supposed to die, but for him they were no sin, because Allah asked him to be a lustful womanizer and child molester, and a warrior. (Muslims believed whatever Muhammad did was according to Allah’s will.) Muslims are allowed to lie in two situations, on the battlefield and to women for getting laid. What a moral religion.

I started to read about the history of Islam, and that was horrible. How Muslims attacked Persia and forced them to convert to Islam or they would kill them. Therefore I got to know how my people became Muslim. I read how Persians fought with them for more than 500 years. I realized they killed our men and took our woman as sex slaves, which is permitted in the Islam. I read how they set our libraries and our civilization on fire, and as a result we lost many precious books during their invasion. In fact, we lost everything, even our identity, because they were savages. When the Muslims talk about the flourishing of knowledge in the Islamic era or Muslim scientists, this is a total lie. Most of those scientists, they never were Muslim. They were Persians that were forced to become Muslim and choose a Muslim name, but if you refer to their writings, all of them condemned Islam. The famous physician. Ali Sina: the Muslims titled him a Muslim scientist while he was a Persian scientist. Most of his books were burned in the Muslim invasion, and he had to convert to Islam.

I was always thinking someone with a right mind and knowledge can’t be a Muslim. Nothing good comes out from this religion. It is enough to think for only 10 minutes to realize how horrible and terrifying Islam is. How could I call myself Muhamad’s follower? I was embarrassed by whatever he did and said. I was ashamed even to call myself Muslim. I always think the world or at least my own country would be a very much better place to live if Islam never came into existence. I used to observe the Islamic government implementing Sharia law. They are killing and imprisoning my people every day. My beautiful country is occupied by this Muslim government for around 38 years now; they are killing and persecuting us and nobody says anything, but Israel is called an occupier among the Muslims. In fact, most of the Islamic countries are occupied by this group of people. They are never welcomed with open arms.

I like to talk about Israel, too. According to the Hadith and the Quran, Muhammad was commanded by Allah to change the direction of Qiblah because Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish faith and is their holy place. This is in the Quran, not the Bible. I never understood how Muslims claims that land. Israel never belonged to Muslims, it was always for the Jewish people, even in Muhammad’s time. I really never understood what Muslims were talking about.

With all these observations, I was an atheist who promised myself I am going to inform the world how terrifying Islam is. I left my country and I got to know about Christianity. I learned how loving and merciful and forgiving Jesus was. I learned the only begotten Son of God came to earth and died for humans’ sin to take us to heaven. There is no place for love in the religion of peace, or Islam. I fell in love with this amazing, unlimited love in Christianity, and I accepted Jesus as my savior who loved me and died for me.

I have a suggestion for all Muslims: please read the history of Islam, the Quran and the biography of Muhammad from an unbiased source.

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