VIDEO: Trip to French refugee settlement turns up almost no Syrians

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By Matt Palumbo

Who thought trying to find a Syrian refugee in a refugee camp would be like finding a needle in a haystack?

A "mosque" in France's Calais Jungle 

A "mosque" in France's Calais Jungle 

Rebel Media reporter Lauren Southern visited the Calais Jungle, a large refugee camp generally inhabited by those trying to eventually immigrate illegally to the UK. When the debate over Syrian refugees began in America, our main concern was that terrorists would slip through the cracks. For Europe, they’re finding non-Syrian “refugees” are slipping through. And contrary to the narrative Barack Obama created, that those opposed to refugee resettlement were afraid of “women and children,” there really weren’t many women and children to be found either.

Watch below:

In summary, it took 160 interviews over the course of six hours before Southern found a single Syrian refugee. The vast majority were from African countries and Afghanistan.

If Europe is going to take on all the baggage associated with refugee resettlement, they could at least try to help the ones fleeing ISIS.

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