Obama says more terrorist bloodshed ... means his policies are working

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Terrorism: In its latest Orwellian message on ISIS, the Obama administration insists that the spate of terror attacks around the world over the past week is a good thing, because it means ISIS is on the run.

Over the course of just a few days, ISIS managed to kill nearly 300 in attacks carried out at an airport in Turkey, a cafe in Bangladesh, a crowded market in Iraq, and three cities in Saudi Arabia.

That would seem to indicate that ISIS is a growing threat. But on Tuesday, Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken told CNN that these attacks were a sure sign that President Obama's strategy is working.

"Territory matters a great deal," he said. "If you take that away from them, if you take the foundation away, the whole edifice starts to crumble. And that's why we see them lashing out in different places."

Smoke rises from the site of an explosion in Medina, Saudi Arabia on July 4.

Smoke rises from the site of an explosion in Medina, Saudi Arabia on July 4.

Maybe so. But this line directly contradicts what President Obama has been telling the nation over the past year — namely, that killing the heart of ISIS would mitigate it as a global threat.

"We're going after the ISIL leadership and infrastructure in Syria," Obama said last July, adding that it is "the heart of ISIL that pumps funds and propaganda to people around the world."

He reiterated the point in December: "As we squeeze its heart, we'll make it harder for ISIL to pump its terror and propaganda to the rest of the world."

And again this February: "About two months ago, at the Pentagon, I said that we had to squeeze ISIL's core in Syria and Iraq -- its heart -- to make it harder for these killers to pump their terror and their propaganda to the rest of the world."

Obama went on to say that "over the last two months, the good news is we've done exactly that."

If Blinken's remarks contradict Obama's long-standing claims, they are in keeping with Obama's ISIS strategy. Not his military strategy, mind you, but his public-relations strategy, which is to put a happy face on his supposed successes.

Ever since Obama announced his plans to defeat ISIS, he's been claiming victory, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

It was last November that Obama told the country that "we have contained them," only to have ISIS-inspired terrorists attack and kill 14 people and wound 22 more in San Bernardino, Calif..

The day before that attack, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joe Dunford, told the House Armed Services Committee that, despite what Obama said, "we have not contained ISIS."

Just two weeks ago, Obama was congratulating himself for "making significant progress" against ISIS, saying that it is "under more pressure than ever before."

Within 48 hours, CIA director John Brennan told the Senate Intelligence Committee the opposite. He said that "despite all our progress ... our efforts have not reduced the group's terrorism capability and global reach."

Soon after Brennan made his remarks, ISIS started its most recent terror campaign.

Someone needs to tell Obama that spinning the public isn't how you defeat a determined enemy.

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