Finnish speaker SLAMS Islam: ‘One day Europe will rise against you … ’

From Louder with Crowder

When it comes to politicians and Muslims, we’ve seen a lot of politically correct rump-kissing. Especially when those politicians hail from Europe (see Angela Merkel: ‘Germany is Ravaged by Terrorism… But We Want More Refugees!). That’s why this speech is refreshing, and rather entertaining. This Finnish MP has no qualms about telling it like it is. The result? Pure awesome.

Especially you migrants, and Muslims, I know you. I lived in your country for 10 years, and have seen how cruel, arrogant, and stupid you are. You don’t respect your women. You force them to be your slaves. You are supposed to be tolerant according to your imams, but you are not tolerant. You don’t respect other religions. Have you seen a Christian in Saudi Arabia who can have his faith? You want us to celebrate your holidays… Do you celebrate Christmas? Do you celebrate Easter? One day most of Europe will rise against you.

A few things first – did you see those floating hijabs in the crowd? It may be hard to recognize them, what with the fact that their faces just got melted off by that scathing speech… But those were Muslims. He said it right in front of them. To their (albeit covered) faces. Political correctness? A million times no. This chap opted for factual correctness. No craptootles given.

Badassery aside, he makes some good points. Why would you embrace a culture that’s ruined the whole of the Middle East? If this guy lived in Saudi Arabia for a decade, he’s likely seen some “action.” When I say action, I mean explosions, abuse, and general douchebaggery. Ergo I’d venture, based on his aforementioned experience, he’s more than qualified to make these sorts of judgement calls.

He also brings up this important smidgen of truthness – Muslims demand “tolerance” from everyone else, but where’s their tolerance? I don’t think executing the gays, oppressing women, and persecuting Christians counts (see In Egypt, Elderly Christian Woman Publicly Stripped and and Paraded Through Streets). Muslim multi-culturalism? No such thing. Tolerance doesn’t get you 72 virgin heaven-slaves.

Hats off to this guy. Judging by the current state of Europe, politicians like this are hidden gems. They’re hidden for safety reasons. Because if one speaks against Islam, one is considered an infidel. Which means one might find one’s self super duper dead at the hands of a tolerant Muslim. Still, it’s worth noting the idea of self preservation, and national cultural preservation, is gaining headway. Non-multiculturalist Europeans could use the encouragement right about now. You would too if you were surrounded by car bombs and Angela Merkels.

Need more proof that Europe and Islam don’t mix well? Look no further…


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