Top German minister proposes burka ban

From the UK Sun

By Corey Charlton

Germany's Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere is to propose a complete ban on burkas as part of a slew of new anti-terror measures, it is claimed.

The law – which he is understood to support – is being demanded by officials and leading politicians across Germany’s federal states.

Other measures are believed to include quicker deportation of foreigners considered a security threat and an end to dual citizenship.

Thomas de Maiziere could announce a burka ban when his anti-terror measures are finalised later this month

Thomas de Maiziere could announce a burka ban when his anti-terror measures are finalised later this month

The proposed burka ban is part of a set of measures suggested by senior ministers and politicians across Germany’s federal states.

Among its supporters are many elected MPs from Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrat Party.

Other measures include hiring an additional 15,000 police by 2020 and greater video surveillance at transport hubs and public places.

The ministers also call for a ban on the full body veil for women and for a law to be revoked that allows for dual nationality for German citizens in some circumstances.

De Maiziere is due to announce a set of new anti-terror measures at a press conference today, though the burka ban is not likely to be among them.

He is, however, believed to be a supporter of the proposition, which would be unveiled later in the month.

Germany had until last month been spared the kind of Islamist attacks suffered by neighbouring France and Belgium.

But in late July, the jihadist militant group Islamic State claimed two attacks – on a train near Wuerzburg and on a music festival in Ansbach – in which asylum-seekers wounded 20 people in total.

In addition, security forces had to respond to an attack in a shopping centre in the city of Munich in which nine people were killed by an 18-year-old German-Iranian who had been in psychiatric treatment and was obsessed with mass killings.

The incidents put the focus back on the government’s migration policy, which resulted in more than a million migrants entering Germany last year, most of them fleeing war and conflict in Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq, although the influx has since been stemmed.

De Maiziere said the federal government and Germany’s 16 states would discuss plans to equip local police forces better.

In addition, the government wanted to raise the number of federal police by 10 percent over three to four years.

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